02 April 2011

Shared Topic: Blog Azeroth

Recently, I decided to join up over at the Blog Azeroth community. I've been going there as a visitor for some time now, and really like their approach to shared topics, so took the plunge and joined.

The past weeks' topic was "What is your favourite race in WoW?" Suggested by PVE Rogues.

I've been playing WoW for some 4-1/2 years now, probably gone through most of the races. Certainly all of the alliance ones, and a few horde side. It is difficult now to choose one particular favourite race. Back in the beginning though, it was the Night Elves that captured my attention right off. What little lore and story I read about them, the magic and shapeshifting druids got me hook-line-and sinker.

My first character, and only one to level cap to this day, is a night elf druid. In spite of all the alts to follow during those years afterwards, Sol remained, still is and always will be, my "first love." He certainly aged through all the muck and mire of this ol' noobish gamer. :)

The array of alts to follow Sol the first couple of years grew in numbers to a point where they were completely un-manageable and out of control. The quest of sifting and sorting slowly came into being. Those that I just couldn't seem to play with any form of agreeable nature found their way to the infamous D-E-L-E-T-E button. It seemed that ranged casters held a better surviveability rate than most others.

With the coming of the Shattering and eventual Cataclysm, things have become much more refined. Although I certainly don't consider myself any sort of loremaster, I do really enjoy much of the lore and history of the different races and this plays a fair part in my alt selections now, as well as their class. The somewhat recent addition of Khrox, a dwarf BM hunter, has led me down that dwarven road of lore and I've taken quite a liking for them since. Sol had previously gone through all the Twilight Highlands quests, which probably sparked the initial interest. He just loved doing the wedding chain between the two clans, and their personalities can be quite humorous at times.

Then their is the human mage, Kaimara. Now, as humans go, there is nothing overly special about them beyond fast leveling and the usual human natures. I never took much of a liking to their King Varian, and have forever prefered Ironforge over Stormwind. Mage-dom was on my mind at the time though and human seemed the quickest way to go. There since came along with Cata, the Nelf mage. Both have survived the paring knife though and it's really Kai's abilities and personality which keep her hanging around. In contrast for the humans though, there is a priest which has since been relagated to banking alt. (that would be "priest", as in "Mana-Hog!")

If I really had to put my races into some sort of favourite listing, I guess it would kinda sorta go like this, ATM: Night Elf >Dwarf >Human. With me though, all things are subject to change at any moment. (Orc lore has been rather interesting of late :) )

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