20 May 2011

Eat and Play!

It's been a while since I've done a shared topic from BA, and this one is really on the spot for me. "Top five foods for mmogamers", suggested by Amerence from Amerencelovewow. More contributors can be found here.

My game playing sessions are fairly long, with breaks for this or that, but generally lasting the whole day. Hence, any form of regular meals is out of the question. I don't require them anyway. Starting with the fluids that are necessary though:

Coffee and drinking water--Lots and lots of coffee! I grew up on the stuff, drinking so much of it I'm sure I've made a dollar or two for several of the corporate giants. In fact, my body probably would not know how to function without it. Drinking water is another must have, there's usually a case of the bottled kind around, and always natural, never flavored. The third option reserved for late evenings should they materialize, is tea. I do love a warm cup of tea as the day winds down.

With any form of regular meals being unusually rare, snack items are the preferred choice of solid food. This comes out to be a choice of availability mostly, whichever of the general stock I have laying around.

Cookies: There is perhaps some distant link of Cookie Monster blood in me, especially for the chocolate chip kind. Secondary are the creme filled assortments with preference for vanilla and lemon, ocassionally peanut butter filled.

Snack cakes/pastries, pretty much any kind here, I'm not that fussy. Chips, which must be the original, name brand regular chips. The secret is in the salt content :) And of coarse, PopTarts. And I almost forgot (omg!), donuts!!! Plain, powdered and chocolate, they go soooo well with the coffee.

Candy: must be chocolate, preferbly dark. Although, Milky Way and 3Musketeers bars will suffice in a pinch.

Perhaps the most solid food on my gaming desk at any given moment is the club style peanut butter and jam sandwich. Yep, it's got to be club style. Almost a viable meal in itself. And it must be jam, not jelly, preserves are acceptable. Other sandwiches found floating thru would be hot dogs and deli type meats, with all the fixin's of coarse. Got to squeak some veggies in somewhere once in a while.

Guess that about sums it up for my gaming foods. I don't go hungry and I don't gain weight, so all is good. So tell me, what goodies do you have close at hand for your gaming sessions?
~"Snack-a-lots" Sol

Is it snack time yet?


  1. Heya Sol, Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this week's shared topic from Blog Azeroth. Yes your right, gotta have some water or any type of drinks besides eating your snacks, Totally agree with you there because its obvious that we don't want to choke, coz that will be terrible. lol Anyway, glad you enjoyed the snacks looking at the cookies and hotdog makes me hungry now. hehe! Thanks again hon. =)

  2. Hey Amerence, Thank YOU for the topic suggestion! It was fun and interesting to nail down those sub-consious eating habits.