05 April 2012

Leave of Absence

Hi all!  This is sort of a psa post.

The fact is, I've not been posting here much at all lately. The current project I've been at for a few months now has taken new roads, following new adventures. Consequently, posting here has taken a nose-dive.

I'm still very active in the game. Perhaps more than ever and that's saying a lot. The Horde Project is on a different server than Sol and all his alliance kids. It has become the new 'home base', so to speak.

The new Guild Leader
That's Aygaren. He's showing off  the new tabard. lol, he even got a haircut and style so it would show better. Aygaren and his adventuring friend decided to start a guild together. It's a joint venture. It also requires a lot of time investment. Hence, the reason for posting around here drying up to the shape it's in.

I'm not sure what's going to happen to Moonkin Journeys just yet. Haven't made any decisions one way or another. I did wish readers and followers to know that there won't be any posts here for an undetermined amount of time.

"Thank you!" Thank you one and all who have visited MJ.  Until next we meet, happy adventuring :D


  1. /wave Ay!Looking good with your new hair style!

  2. Thanks for sharing, plz keep going and I am looking forward to your next post.