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Be warned readers!!! Long wall of text ahead. I'll try to edit in some screenie eye candy though as possible.

About my gaming ways:

First off, World of Warcraft is the only game I play folks. My life paths have taken me in many different directions. Some stayed with me, some didn't. Being any kind of a "gamer" was just never one of those things. Sure, back in the days of big box arcade games I, like most youth of the time, messed around with games like PacMan and such down at the corner neighborhood store. Yep, that was truly one of those "back when" things, lol.

I started playing sometime during late vanilla. I recall BC coming out for a time before I got into it. Wrath and Cata: I was actually ready for both. I don't recall the actual dates, so I just take the easy way out and estimate the general time of approximately 5.5 to 6 years. Yep, I was a very slow learner :)

World of Warcraft, up until a short time back, has pretty much been a solo experience for me. I know that's a bit unusual for a major MMO game, though being a first-timer of sorts it kind of just worked out that way. The very few level capped characters I accomplished, made their way there at around a 95% questing route. With the introduction of Cataclysm, I began a movement towards guilds and more group play style. It's a work in progress. A 'project', if you will. One which offers and opens many new directions to travel in Azeroth.

About the Characters:

I can't recall how many I've created over the years, let's just call it "a bunch." Once again, until recently, probably 98% were Alliance flavored. None of the Horde toons stuck through those times. RDPS'ers were the mainstay as well. Melee just didn't seem to work for me. Healing or tanking appeared to be deep, unknown, don't go there void zones.

Change is constant, as we all well know. Even for old die-hards like me. It just comes around a bit slower :) I now interact fairly good with Horde characters, and even have a maybe promising tank in the group. No healers as yet though.

I see each character as being a projection of some part of me, but never as a complete whole. Only one comes close to being 'whole', but he is retired now and seldom makes an appearance. Perhaps the one trait that follows through with all characters, is that they lean heavily towards being "the nice guy/gal." Quiet, yet generally friendly and helpful towards other players. I'll put up a list of current characters further down, if you're so inclined to meet any of them. It will be a partial listing though, some are not seeing much of Azeroth these days.

About the Blog:

Moonkin Journeys came into being ( ). At the time, I had only one level capped character, Solitudeone. A balance-specced Druid. I had been playing WoW for a number of years before this, and reading many WoW blogs and websites along the way. Hence, the inspiration for MJ. I loved old Sol, being a moonkin using magic and shape-shifting. At the time MJ began, my thoughts were to just write for myself to help remember things that happened to Sol in game. Kind of a journal thing I guess. I had alts over the years, but Sol was that little pride and joy bundle.

Things began to change though. Alts were growing up as I learned to play better and explore more aspects of the game. So the blog turned a corner and became a "Sol and his kids" place. Then came a time and Sol pretty much retired himself from Azeroth. For various reasons, I found myself playing on several other server/realms along with those alts gaining more attention. The blog turns another corner.

Overall, I would describe Moonkin Journeys as a general, somewhat personal blog about World of Warcraft. The writing of posts is an outlet for me to just talk about a game I've come to love and play nearly daily. I pretty much avoid game specifics/mechanics, theorycrafting, guides, etc. There is so much more available to players/readers by considerably more knowledgeable players than myself. If you happen to ask me about such things though, I'll be glad to point you towards a knowledgeable source or two you're looking for. As for Moonkin Journeys though, well, everything here is pretty general and random.

About the Keyboarder:

Here at Moonkin Journeys, I have sometimes poked fun at my "older-than-most-players" aspect. Along with jabes at a fragmented mind (memory loss), deteriourating reflexes for mashing button keybinds and somewhat poor eyesight. Not to mention more recent bits of hearing loss. I do take on a light-hearted view of it all though and accept things for what they are. Sometimes these things offer up little challenges for me in game, but that is the way I see them. Little personal challenges I find ways to overcome. I seldom beat my head against the keyboard anymore :) (though it did make for some interesting character reactions!) Like many of my characters, I am the quiet one. Most likely to be friendly and/or helpful if approached. I get involved with gaining achievements, hunting down various hunter pets, companion pets, mounts or whatever other shiny that grabs my attention. Over the past few months, I've been getting into the holiday achievements. lol, like I need more distractions! To top all this off, I've taken on a more serious approach towards end-game PvE. Have dabbled in PvP, up to the point of trying out PvP team stuff. Questing, remains a mainstay although it's undergoing some change.

My introduction to WoW was someone who suggested I give it a try. Someone else helped me get started in the game. The first someone quit playing right after I made my first toon on their suggested server/realm. The second person let me fend/learn for myself. All this came about due to some real life occurances which left me with the me described in the preceeding paragraph. Make sense? Don't worry :) Sometimes it don't make sense to me either. As it was, I now think some somebodies saw WoW as something of a theraputic nature for me. And here I am, still at it, nearly six years later. BTW, this is the most you'll ever see me publicly write about myself. lol! So take it for whatever it may be worth. Or maybe with a grain of salt? Or like me, take a couple more asprine and rest 'til morning. <3

If you've braved it this far, we're at the character listing end-of-post era. lol! If you just skipped everything to get here, that's quite alright as well. The List: I've done quite a bit of sorting out lately, since I obviously don't get to all my alts anymore. Quite a few still remain in game, though they'll not be listed here. I've been writing a bit about my "great Horde project" and as such, have been spending quite a bit of time in their realm. Without further ado:


Solitudeone: Lvl 85 balance spec Nelf Druid

Khrox: Lvl 85 Beast Master Dwarf hunter

Kaimara: Lvl 85 Human Frost Mage

Horde: the project

Aygaren: Lvl 59 Protection Tauren Paladin

Gandom: Lvl 46 Orc Frost Mage

Birzak: Lvl 43 Beast Master Troll hunter

Dufit: Lvl 43 Goblin Shadow Priest

Gizzel: Lvl 42 Beast Master Goblin hunter

Those not listed:

ROFL: they are spread out across several realms and range in level from about 25 to 70ish. A virtual cornucopia! Eventually though, I need to trim their numbers and perhaps consolidate a few. Projects for another time.

If you ever feel like stopping by to say hello to anybody in game, if you're ever in the neighborhood, do feel free to do so! I'll most likely be with those "Horde Brothers" over on the US-Fenris PvE realm. We could probably talk Aygaren into tearing up an older dungeon, lol.

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