24 December 2011


Wishing everyone peace, happiness and good health throughout the season!


18 December 2011

You know when...

You know you've been playing WoW for a while when...

you pull a mob at range, kill it, loot it and pull the next mob...

before the first one hits the ground. At level 12-ish.

Okay, it was just one of those random thoughts that passed by. Along with the other one over game time about to become rather spotty and random between 20-Dec and 3-Jan. Hurumph...the nerve of rl people interupting my realities. Azeroth needs it's heros! Speaking of which...

Aygaren, now in his late thirty-somethings, has no fear of jumping into the frays inside Grommosh Hold. After all, he can fling a mean shield along with a few hammers. And it's not because he cares all that much for Garrosh. He just has this bone to pick with the Alliance, who seem to like raiding Grommosh Hold on a frequent basis.

At thirty-something, Aygaren can't really do a lot of damage to level capped pvp raiders. In fact, most of his shots tend to miss and do nothing at all. He would probably do more good switching specs in such cases and passing out light weight heals on fellow defenders. But no. He's a 'wanna-be-a-tank' pally and insists on fighting the best he can. So all in all, he was really surprised when in the middle of tossing shields about, this came up:

Yep. One purely magical moment when a shield actually found it's mark at just the right millasecond to send a level capped Ally to his maker. Be it magic, RNG good fortune or whatever, Aygaren enjoyed his moment of celebration. Moving along now. (wish I was quicker with the screenshot button, lol)

I recall back when, sort of, when I saw my first mechanochopper in the game. Stopping stone cold on the spot, I looked at this thing in total amazement and  awe. Wondering to self, "Self-what is this world coming to?" The amazement lasted about 10 seconds I think. Then the level capped owner dismounted and proceeded to one-shot me. Then came the rocket ships, and pink ones to boot. And let's not forget the Sparkle Ponies flitting about. Someone actually paid real money for that!?! I just shook my head and went about my Azerothian business.

All the Brothers in Arms now have their first mounts, very glad to give their tired feet or hooves a much needed rest. Aygaren don't particulary care for Belfs, but has become tolerant of one who happens to be his class trainer in Org. Tolerant because, the Belf granted him both riding and a great looking Kodo mount for less than 1 gold piece! Such a deal. Really!

Gizzel has hopped on the motorized mount wagon. Yep, he got his first Trike, and actually loves tooling around in it.

Birzak got his raptor, a rather expensive venture. Oh, he mentioned that he was a little too busy for picture taking that day.

And Gandom came into a wolf, for a moderate fee of coarse.

Gandom also has a new companion! Such a happy little thing she is. Although, she does tend to randomly stop in mid-stride, or mob fight, to cross over into some sort of realm of oblivion. At least she does manage to catch up rather quickly when her reality snaps back in.

Last but not least, there's Bossy. How the heck she got herself in some out of the way upstairs room unable to get down the stairs, is just pure mystery. And she's not speaking of how or why.

Okay, one for the road: Gandom came across this friendly little fella whilist flower picking in the snow.

OH, and my new phrase for the week is courtesy of the Forsaken:

"Beware the living."

Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Enjoy your game folks, whatever it may be. :)

10 December 2011

Sol's Travel Journel

Everything has been kinda quiet around here, to some dismay. I've been at battle with some sort of corrupting force within a persistant ear infection of sorts. Needless to say I guess, it's put quite a damper on my game time/enjoyment, and keeping up with the blog and community. As with all things, I'm fairly sure it's time will pass, eventually.

Sol's Travel Journel: The Great Horde Project - It's been, different, to say the least. Trying to break from years of certain game play styles, to set forth into new areas and roads never traveled before has seen some challenges. Making progress in overcoming these challenges is slow going, but making headway.

The desire to keep going off in so many different directions needed to be reined in, and focus set on just a couple of goals in hopes of attaining some moderate success. Server choices are now pretty much settled on just one, with two strays over on another. The line-up of new kids is set now as well.

On our "main" horde active server, we have a four-man crew tenitively referred to as "brothers-in-arms." The birth and leveling order saw some changes. Who came first, is now second. While who came fourth is now third. Go figure. The speed at which new characters level now certainly plays a part in this, although I also see some play in the chosen classes as well. Anyway, here's the main team intros and a short word or two about each.

Aygaren--Tauren Paladin: currently level 33 with blacksmithing and mining as main professions. I had actually 'grounded' him earlier this week for leveling way too fast and not getting into any dungeons as yet. His main purpose in life is to learn how to tank. We've had discussions about this. Aygaren feels somewhat ready, but I have this overt dislike for pugging in the dungeon tool. He's been advised to find a suitable guild to run and learn with. So far, he's come up empty handed.

Birzak--Troll BM Hunter: sitting at level 28 with leatherworking and skinning professions. This really wasn't a difficult choice. Khrox has had some fairly good success as a BM, so I expect that Birzak will do at least as well, if not better. Personally, I've got copper coins on Birzak doing better.

Gizzel--Goblin BM Hunter: Level 15. Why two hunters? Just an easy choice to be honest. The project had a lot to do with seeing the story and lore from Horde eyes. I'm not crazy about Goblins. Several have tried and failed in the past. So, I really wanted Gizzel to succeed for two reasons. The Goblin viewpoint and Goblin engineering. Somehow, I expected that the hunter class would make it all worth the effort.

Gandom--Orc Mage: Level 13. Gandom rounds out the team pretty well. Along with his frost magic, he's acquired tailoring and skinning skills. Perhaps not the best combination, but helpful in supporting himself as the others have had to learn how to do. Here again, the mage class is fairly familar to work with so at least moderate success is expected.

These 'brothers-in-arms' spent most of the past week goofing off at the Darkmoon Faire. Each one accumulated various achievements. Aygaren faired the best though, with both the Sea Pony companion and a dungeon artifact from going solo on Ragefire Chasm to his credit. Next week will see them getting back to the journeys at hand. At least until Winter Veil sets in on Azeroth.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

05 December 2011


It's Tuesday-full maintenance day! Fully expected this to be after all the rolling restarts and hotfixes this past week.

Let's do a little round-up this morning.

I recently read an informative and entertaining post about pocket lint over at Tomb of the Ancient. Go have a read if you already haven't, good stuff.

More about IntPiPoMo: A little earlier this week I was treated to a final installment of this challenge over at Bag Overflow. A totally awesome video was offered up to assist in completing the challenge, which imho, is well deserving and a must see! Grats to Bag Overflow for such a fantastic and unique ending to their IntPiPoMo participation.

Okay, a small personal thought here. Today, as I was going through my reader, I came across another long time blogger I've been reading for I can't remember how long. The post was about stepping back now to favor and give more attention to real life. This is a good thing for this blogger, or any blogger who makes this choice. I'm sure everyone commends and supports, "family/real life, comes first."

I now return you to killing those internet dragons, and other such stuff. :)

Ending this morning's round-up on another happy note, let me ask you, "Who else can talk about having so much !#%& fun in game with such a unique and straight-forward style, as Big Bear Butt delivers? Maybe a few, idk. But I always enjoy reading BBB.

That's it for this mornings little round-up. Time for me to go work through some thoughts over Aygaren, that wanna-be-a-tank Tauren pally. Enjoy your game! ~Sol

*yes, I posted a little early as well, lol

04 December 2011

Aygaren's Lucky Day

The new Darkmoon Faire opened up today...YAY!! All the kids were clamoring to go, as expected. Not everyone was able to make the journey though.

Coming into the Faire
Although several of the kids were able to make the journey today, none came away with as much happiness as Aygaren. At level 23, he really didn't expect too much this month. Oh, btw...Aygaren is part of the Great Horde Project, a Tauren Prot Pally.

Aygaren has been enjoying questing for the most part, and finally settled on blacksmithing and mining for his trades. He's made his way through Mulgore, a bit of Durotar and Ashenvale. His current romp is in Stonetalon.

The Sunfury River boat ride
Today though he traveled to the DMF. Found himself some quests for fishing and cooking which up'ed his skill levels quite a bit. And for only one (1) ticket, he came across a 14-slot DMF bag!! This was pure treasure for him, having only 6 and 8 slots all this time.

Then, while doing the little fishing quest at DMF, he heard someone shout with glee over catching the Sea Pony pet. There were a lot of people fishing while he was there, and he had heard about how rare this was supposed to be. Aygaren contented himself to just a 10-minute fishing shot for the quest catch. When he turned in the fish to the vendor, he found quite a surprise in his bag he didn't even notice during the fishing time.

The Sea Pony Surprise!!!
Yep, little bitty Aygaren was the only one of the kids today who walked away with the biggest, goofyest smile on his face. He was so happy, he even splurged on some fireworks to celebrate.

Enjoy the Darkmoon Faire all!!

03 December 2011

Rumbles and Grumbles, w/pics

Like the post title says, this is a rumble, (it's very early morn here and my tummy hasn't had it's dose of coffee just yet), grumble, (ah-cause I just might grumble *rant* a bit), and in keeping with Blizzards move to balance everything, I'll supply some pics to balance out the aforementioned rumble-grumbles.

The eagerly awaited 4.3 patch is live. There's been a healthy dose of reactions over it around the community, mostly from the pve raiders perspective. Leading up to this, there's been plenty of amazing vids to watch as well. All well and good. I'm quite happy for everyone who's able to raid, and experience this portion of end-game. Okay, long time readers have already guessed the next part.

Khrox enjoying IF.
 I am both jealous and saddened that I have yet to raise up a viable raider. Sol never did quite make the cut and semi-retired himself to parts unknown. Khrox blasted his way to 85 through quests and late life bg's. He's fully pvp geared with no dungeon experience worth a hoot. He opened up his LFR toolbox. It told him he didn't have the qualifacations to use it. Kaimara is currently pvp geared with very little bg experience. She has some minor pve dungeon experience, but alas, no where near achieving entry raid level. Yet another end of expansion big baddie raid available, and here my alter-selves sit, twiddleing their thumbs. Tapping fingers on the desk asking me "WHY?" "Why haven't you got us THERE yet?" It's just like kids, always wanting more. And I haven't quite been able to give them the world, as much as I would like to.

 It is this part of end-game which constantly haunts me. It is also one of the several reasons for the birth of The Great Horde Project. This is an open-ended self project I started a few weeks ago. I may have mentioned it a time or two here. It began rather simplistically minded, experience the lore and story from the other side of the fence through the eyes of various races within the faction. It's been great. Each character thus far has provided experiences greatly appreciated by the button masher.

It was all good through level 12, then some difficulties started to rise. They suddenly became Hellscreams' minions, fighting his war, like it or not. Then there's the part where they're really all alone traveling through this new world. Traveling expenses became an issue, along with training fees to survive in Hellscreams' War. You get the picture. No sugar-daddys, no heirlooms, it's survival one day at a time. Can you remember those times from way back when? Although the project birthed itself on several likely servers, it is now apparently focused on one realm. I gather these kids, have decided to it home.

Level 11 Gizzel got excited during an Alliance raid on Hellscream,
yep, he died.
 It's AB battleground weekend. I love AB. Birzak was level 19, he que'd for AB. It told him he should probably expect to wait at least 10 minutes and probably more. Birzak dropped from que. Did I mention that the crew is on a PvE server? Obviously, bg's aren't going to be much help. /facepalm Well, I really need to concentrate on the main goal. Focus button-masher, FOCUS! There's two hunters, a mage, and a wanna-be tank pally. Get with the program kids. Dungeons. You want DUNGEONS! Jump in and go for it. Ignor the chat box and all the pve jerk-twads. Just get in now while you're still young enough to grow in these ways. Maybe by the time the Panda's arrive, you'll finally be ready. BTW- I'm lousy terri-bad at melee. Always been a ranged caster. The wanna-be pally tank is going to be a real challenge.

Gizzel-goblin hunter

Gandom-Orc mage
Have fun in game everyone! LOL, in spite of momentary doldrum attacks, I am. And beware Alliance! The goys are off to dungeons for now, but the day will come, your reckoning will be at hand. MAWHAHAHAHA!!!!

28 November 2011

The Night Before

'Twas the night before the patch. The day's game play is over, the nightly reading done. Soooo,

all things look like a go for Tuesday maintenance to be the long awaited 4.3 patch. It's been coming for some time now, and players everywhere have had opportunities to prepare for it in each of their ways. There's even been a number of blog posts around the community with very sound advice as to how to prepare for this patch release. It's all good, dear reader.

I, like many others, sorted through all this advice gleeming what I thought useful for my several level capped characters (and those close to cap). This time around though, I've taken a somewhat different approach. Such as: Khrox (the BM hunter/pvp'er) really should have spent some time capping out his honor/conquest points in preperation. Smart thing to do, which he didn't do. Instead, he just lazed around the past several weeks doing nothing more than /gquit the pvp guild he was in. Oh, he has a chunk of hp's, and a handful of conquest (which will end up converted) stored up. Any extra effort though seemed worthless for him. We'll get to why in a minute or so.

Cle was also in that same guild, key word, was. He's not quite level capped yet though so he's not really at any loss. Kaimara is in a different guild, though hasn't been active enough with them, or even with them that long. Her stance is one of those, "let's wait and see how it goes." The core of this matter with the three of them is this: the server they call home.

I've been on that server since about the beginning of time (my time). I've seen it's up's and down's. You can actually feel the differences each time the population rises and falls. The server is in a down-trend at this time. IMO, a very deep down-trend, and it's been going on for some time. I won't bore you with all my personal thoughts on this. Suffice it to say, that for me, the server just hasn't been a fun place to play for months. Character transfer is not an option, so everyone justs sits and waits it out.

No problem really. I do have characters spread across enough servers to stay active and enjoy the game. None of them though, are any where near end-game content, and that's okay as well. Plenty to do, lots of options. Enter from stage left, the Great Horde Project!

Being an Alliance player for so long prompted me to spread wings and see things from the opposite factions' eyes. Yep, more story and lore time, YAY! After several server hit and runs, I finally settled on one which seems to viable enough for this project. Started out with a Troll hunter, since I've already got a good dose of Undead somewhere else. Troll hunter didn't really like being all alone though, so after a bit of leveling, he aquired a Tauren pally companion (I also wanted to try tanking). Things are going good so far, I can now see through Tauren eyes. Then, along came this stray Goblin hunter. While not too far behind, there followed an Orc mage. Strange though, the Orc is the only one who don't seem to have some form of dislike/distrust for Garrosh.

So that's where I'm at in game. I would really like to raise several of these Horde characters to cap and experience their full story. I'm sure that after the patch has been out for a few days and the initial dust settles, Khrox and company will jump into their battlegrounds for a bit. In the meantime, the young Horde's are at the beginning of their journey.

27 November 2011

IntPiPoMo: Deepholm

Advisory! Image heavy post ahead. Best viewed on site.

This will be my last offering for Angelya's IntPiPoMo Challenge. This was a really fun and interesting challenge to do. Seeing the game through other peoples' eyes always seems to foster a rush of memories and reminders of your own first experiences around Azeroth. I have really enjoyed going around our blogging community. There has been such an out-pouring of creative and beautiful screenshots. As a sometime screenie collecter myself, this challenge has been like a child's trip to a large candy store filled with worldly chocolates. Kk, enough babble.

Sol sent word out to the kids in hopes that one of them might be in the middle of any of his favorite world zones. (he has quite a few favorites) With so many kids about, his outlook was pretty good. Sure enough, Kaimara was padding her reputation stash with Therazane, and was flitting about Deepholm with camera in bag.

Alabaster Shelf

Alliance Airship

Storm's Fury crash site

Crimson Expanse

The Fractured Front

Needlerock Chasm

Strange things appear out of nowhere

The Pale Roost

First they're whole....

...then they're not

Stonecore: many an adventurer has braved this place.

Entrance to Therazanes' Throne

Temple of the Earth

Top of the Temple

Temple of the Earth from above.

Looking up and away from the Temple
"Thanks" goes out to Angelya, for creating this challenge.

25 November 2011

IntPiPoMo: Memory Lane

Both the month and Angelya's Challenge are nearing their end. View more participating bloggers here.

It's been something of a quiet night for me, so I've been out and about the WoW blogging community reading stories. Just sort of chillin' out. During one of these most pleasurable reads, I fell into thoughts of time in game which has passed into history. Hence, this trip down Memory Lane.
During Sol's tour of duty in WotLK, he spent an awful amount of time fishing for this mount. That meant at least a half-hour out of every day of game play, for nearly the total expansion time. That's right, almost the total time of the xpac. As I recall, it was only two or three days before Cataclysm, when he finally came into his own turtle mount. To this day though, the Giant Sewer Rat still eludes him.

Sol did not do this mount grind at level, although it was still the 'old school' grind before all the zone and quest re-vamps. He holds a great amount of respect for those before him who accomplished this feat, at level.

Being the first real character to actually level cap, Sol spent many of his early years simply solo questing. He wasn't all that good at dungeons or battlegrounds, and he didn't really understand that faction reps held good rewards. So it came to be that this Albino Drake is the only drake within his stable of mounts. He earned it in later life out of a love for collecting things.

Sol was a real loner, and still clings to those roots even today. His real home is in Darnassas, and can often be found comtemplating conditions of the world at the Temple of the Moon.

When Sol goes off on various adventures, he can easily find the most secluded of places to camp out for the night.

Sol missed out on many adventures, mostly due to his solitary ways. Kaimara was gracious enough though to bring home every detail of the Wrathgate experience.

Sol is, The Explorer. He has seen many different worlds, before and after.

Everyone has their memories of times past, and thoughts of times present. Let alone, speculations over things which are yet to come. Anyway you look at it though, World of Warcraft is still a great game, still offering so many different ways to play. I still discover new things each time I enter Azeroth.

I hope you've enjoyed Sol's little side-trip down Memory Lane. I trust that it has prompted even more of your own.   ~Sol~

Thank You Bloggers!

I'm pretty much in the same boat as many bloggers have already spoken of. The one where, "I read so many great blogs, I fear leaving someone out if I attempt to specifically thank everyone." I can attest to the reality of truth in that statement. None-the-less, Amerence set forth a terrific Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event, which I whole-heartedly embrace for all it's "warmth and giving.".

I've been reading World of Warcraft blogs, probably near five years now.(?) Silently soaking in all the game knowledge from the theorycrafters, class specialists, long time gamers in general. The story writers, the humorous out-takes and cartoonists. Coupled with everyone's personal thoughts along the way on just about anything to do with the game, and even the game mixed with real life. There's the independant writers, team and guild writers, and even those who try to keep track of all the blogs available within the warcraft blog community. The list is rather abundant and bountiful, to say the least.

Although the list is rather large, I am truly thankful for all the creative, inspiring and captivating bloggers in the community. Over all my years of game time you've (albeit, without knowledge) helped me progress in game with your tips, stratagies and how-to's. You've laid the ground-work for me to become a reasonably successful player on many different characters. You've kept my spirits up when the game was going sour and pixil deaths were many. Your encouragement and support did not pass by unseen. Thank You!

I am also thankful for all the "fun" blogs, as I call them. I've come to know bloggers through their game art, cartoons and quite humorous "raid" graphs. This highly creative atmosphere extended to even more blogs as authors were writing stories with and about warcraft characters. Such wonderful stories which always had me looking for their continuing sagas and adventures each night. You've brightened many a night for me with your art and writings. Thank You!

Some say that all good things must come to an end, and to some extent I suppose there is truth to that, unfortunately. The WoW blogging community has certainly seen some great authors close their blog doors. I've seen a few of these passings, always with a certain amount of sadness within. I've read of others by way of bloggers who knew of them, and there was a sadness over what I missed without knowing. This is kind of a calm sadness though. It is out-weighed by the feelings of being thankful for the time I was able to enjoy thier writings. However long or short that time was, they were treasures I remember well. They came, they blogged, and left their mark. Thank You!

One semi-dark day way back when, the sun poked through the clouds and cast sparkles of dancing light on the tail end of some misty rain drops. I stumbled into this World of Warcraft community of bloggers, pitched a tent and made a home of it. I'm very thankful for that day. For through their blogs, I've come to know some really amazing people by way of their writings, their art, and their very special way of "giving." To each and every one, "Thank You!"

"Thank You!"
World of Warcraft Bloggers