27 November 2011

IntPiPoMo: Deepholm

Advisory! Image heavy post ahead. Best viewed on site.

This will be my last offering for Angelya's IntPiPoMo Challenge. This was a really fun and interesting challenge to do. Seeing the game through other peoples' eyes always seems to foster a rush of memories and reminders of your own first experiences around Azeroth. I have really enjoyed going around our blogging community. There has been such an out-pouring of creative and beautiful screenshots. As a sometime screenie collecter myself, this challenge has been like a child's trip to a large candy store filled with worldly chocolates. Kk, enough babble.

Sol sent word out to the kids in hopes that one of them might be in the middle of any of his favorite world zones. (he has quite a few favorites) With so many kids about, his outlook was pretty good. Sure enough, Kaimara was padding her reputation stash with Therazane, and was flitting about Deepholm with camera in bag.

Alabaster Shelf

Alliance Airship

Storm's Fury crash site

Crimson Expanse

The Fractured Front

Needlerock Chasm

Strange things appear out of nowhere

The Pale Roost

First they're whole....

...then they're not

Stonecore: many an adventurer has braved this place.

Entrance to Therazanes' Throne

Temple of the Earth

Top of the Temple

Temple of the Earth from above.

Looking up and away from the Temple
"Thanks" goes out to Angelya, for creating this challenge.


  1. You're very welcome and well done for posting all 50! Somehow I managed to miss you off the list of participants but I've fixed that now. You've posted some gorgeous screenies - don't we play a beautiful game created by some talented people!

  2. Angelya- It really is a beautifully designed game with so very much to see and enjoy!

    One only needs to stop killing the baddies long enough to actually "see" the environment around them, as so many of the participants in your challenge have proven beyond doubt.

    Thanks for coming by,and for providing such a beautiful challenge!

  3. Lovely Deepholm posts and grats for finishing the IntPiPoMo challenge!

  4. Thank you Navimie! I really enjoyed this challenge.