25 November 2011

IntPiPoMo: Memory Lane

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It's been something of a quiet night for me, so I've been out and about the WoW blogging community reading stories. Just sort of chillin' out. During one of these most pleasurable reads, I fell into thoughts of time in game which has passed into history. Hence, this trip down Memory Lane.
During Sol's tour of duty in WotLK, he spent an awful amount of time fishing for this mount. That meant at least a half-hour out of every day of game play, for nearly the total expansion time. That's right, almost the total time of the xpac. As I recall, it was only two or three days before Cataclysm, when he finally came into his own turtle mount. To this day though, the Giant Sewer Rat still eludes him.

Sol did not do this mount grind at level, although it was still the 'old school' grind before all the zone and quest re-vamps. He holds a great amount of respect for those before him who accomplished this feat, at level.

Being the first real character to actually level cap, Sol spent many of his early years simply solo questing. He wasn't all that good at dungeons or battlegrounds, and he didn't really understand that faction reps held good rewards. So it came to be that this Albino Drake is the only drake within his stable of mounts. He earned it in later life out of a love for collecting things.

Sol was a real loner, and still clings to those roots even today. His real home is in Darnassas, and can often be found comtemplating conditions of the world at the Temple of the Moon.

When Sol goes off on various adventures, he can easily find the most secluded of places to camp out for the night.

Sol missed out on many adventures, mostly due to his solitary ways. Kaimara was gracious enough though to bring home every detail of the Wrathgate experience.

Sol is, The Explorer. He has seen many different worlds, before and after.

Everyone has their memories of times past, and thoughts of times present. Let alone, speculations over things which are yet to come. Anyway you look at it though, World of Warcraft is still a great game, still offering so many different ways to play. I still discover new things each time I enter Azeroth.

I hope you've enjoyed Sol's little side-trip down Memory Lane. I trust that it has prompted even more of your own.   ~Sol~


  1. My Druid got the turtle mount almost as soon as it came out but that sewer rat took the whole expansion for her.

    It was especially painful to fish for an hour and have someone come up beside you and cast three times and get it, lol!

    Love the memory lane screen shots!

  2. Thank you Ancient! It's obviously going to take Sol two expansions to get that elusive rat lol.
    Glad you enjoyed the memory lane excursion. I've been following your postings as well and you certainly have some beautiful screenshots.