21 February 2012

Hiding in Northrend

'ello there! i r nut loss of way yet :) Good. Does everyone feel like they're home now? LOL.

It's been a rather hectic time of late. What with so-called real life junk, and that Tauren pally being just so demanding. To top everything off, there've been some rather weird game issues going about, which started giving me headaches three days back. Sheeeezeee!

KK, round up time.

I did manage to sneak in for a bit when I found out I got tagged for a meme Sixth thingy. Screen shots. I couldn't resist. It's been good trying to catch up on all the bloggers who participated.

Aygaren has been rather demanding for attention, I think he's just upset cause he hasn't found his first Northrend rare to kill yet. So, he's been going about snatching up quests meant for two, three or more adventurerers. Not to mention every wanted poster he comes across. He does love a good challenge. His current escapade calls for a group of three. Four heads up for the bounty. The first three fell to his sword rather quick. The last one though....well......a real solo challange. Wasn't long before he realized he bit off a little more than he could chew. His new warlock friend heard about it all and came by to help. They did a blind run at this guy, twice. It wasn't too pretty a sight. Time came to sit back a moment or two, to come up with a real plan. I suspect the two of them will emerge victorious during the next run. News at ten?

He recently dinged 75 and is in a rush to 80. Hence, the reason for grabbing all the mercenary jobs that pay the most, while leaving the light work for those squishey types. Oh! And Dufit leaked to me news about Ay having some sort of date set up for teaming with this warlock to tear up Mt. Hyjal. Hmmm? Could prove very interesting indeed. kk, enough gossip. I've have to speak to Dufit about such things. Floppy eared squishey Goblin. (or so says Ay anyway)

Hmmmm, maintenance will be over in a bit. Ay will have about enough time to go through his dailys before the sun sets and the wind begins to howl cold chills again. Note to self: new project, organize massive screen shot collection. Yeah, right. I think instead, I'll just leave you dear friends with a small piece of eye candy. Blood and Thunder!
Sorry hunters! This pally needs gold.

18 February 2012

Sixth, and late as usual, lol

It's very late in the coming, slow am I. Apparently, I got "tagged" by Ancient and Harpy to do a screenshot lookup in this very un-organized mess of folders I got spread out just everywhere.

lol, it took a bit of fingering out and doing, but I finally came up with a reasonably close response, all the while realizing just how long I've been taking screenshots and how they've grown over the years. Oh well, another project for some future game maintenance day.

So, after a bit I came up with this one:
Alisym introduced
This was from November, 2010. During that time, Sol required all the 'kids' to meet with Malfurion and Tyrande. Alisym dutifully reported for the introduction which took place at the Temple of the Moon.
I think this was something to do with Sol's admiration and respect for Malfurion. Long did he try to fashion himself accordingly. Although he did'nt always agree with some of his hero's actions, he held a great belief in what he stood for. Sadly, Azeroth proved to be a bit over-whelming for Alisym. She retired gracefully.

*I'm quite late with this and also quite sure most folks have already been 'tagged,' so to speak. So here's the thing:
Consider this a re-useable, "Bound to Blogging Community Bloggers" heirloom trinket. If you haven't already been tagged, it is now done by way of Druidic Magic.  Have fun with it.  ~Sol

05 February 2012

The Road to Rare Riches

Advisory: image heavy post, best viewed on site.

A little off subject first. Since day one my game comp has been running on only 2GB's of OEM ram. Last night I was gifted with four (4), brand spankin' new 1GB sticks of ram! The surgery is set for this morning. I'm expecting a full recovery and enhanced preformance. At the very least, I should think that I'll be able to see my spells cast in real time. YEA!!! /dance

Aygaren was feeling a bit lonely being the only one trudgeing through the Outlands. Feeling that it was his duty to encourage his 'brothers-in-arms' to join the cause, he sent out some spirit messages.

Dufit scanned Ay's message, which spoke of endless opportunities for mercenary work, demons and monsters such as never seen before, and limitless gold to be had. Dufit, being the little goblin he is, saw two things in the note which were high on his list. Killing stuffs....and GOLD!

Emberwing, one of many Tanaris rares
Dufit wasn't of Dark Portal age as yet, but quick runs through Tanaris, Felwood and a minor touchdown in Un'Goro gave him his passport. Along that route, he became skilled at locating rare beasts, realizing the unique amount of gold they carried. Not to mention 'better than your average armor' pieces and tons of experience for his mercenary resume. After all, "Time is money, friend."

The Zangermarsh beginning

His boldness in traveling roads was his downfall.

"He fired first! Really!" ~Dufit

It is not wisdom to be the only walking breathing entity in a barren area.

Giant red rocks, when everyone else is using small white-ish rocks?
Hellfire Peninsula seemed a bit rough at first. Stories of rare beasts roaming about were many, but sightings were about as rare as the beasts. Not to be one-up'ed by Aygaren though, he made daring advances into Zangarmarsh and Terokkar Forest finding his way. It was Zangarmarsh though, which broke open the rare treasure chest hunting grounds. To date, Dufit has five marked off his list of 20 KoS hit list.

Of Note: I don't use any add-ons to scan for rares. The boys tend to be a bit old-fashioned in this way. Talking to the locals, along with a lot of foot-work and fly-bys. And then there's their 'go-to' sage, Euphyley. Without her excellant mapping skills and experience, Dufit could easily have fallen off the end of the world. Several times.
Happy Hunting All!