The Family

Note: This page is undergoing some growing pains. Much is outdated atm,  so please don't take anything here as set in stone. :)

Over the years, I've played (more or less), every alliance character and some of their horde counterparts. Those which seem to be more agreeable with my playstyle tend to stick around, while many end up getting deleted. For example, ranged casters tend to survive longer than melee. I have characters spread across several realm servers. Some are experimental in different environments, some are just for getting away from the mainstream play. Having clarified all that, I am only going to list the ones which I play on a regular basis, on what I consider my "home" server (US-Spinebreaker, pvp). Their names will link to their respective armory, and for updates, I am going to use an activity feed. (Hopefully)


Solitudeone: Sol was my very first character. The aspects of druidry, magic and shapeshifting lured me in rather quickly. He was the first to level cap, along with his professions of alchemy, herbalism, fishing, cooking and archaeology. Sol has been around something like 4.5 years, and still attempting to grow in pve style. He has also supported more alt kids than he can remember.  Recent Activity.

Khrox: a dwarven beast master hunter showing exceptional skills. He loves collecting those rare and spirit beasts. Naturally, he's also quite accomplished in skinning and leather working. The wilderness is home to Khrox, so cooking and fishing for himself and pets begins and ends each day of battles.

Kaimara: Kai, as I fondly call her, is a human mage specced into frost and fire. Her personality is distinct, often aloof to those around her. She is currently quest grinding her way through Northrend, and giving serious thought towards pve content. Both a tailor and enchanter by trade, although favoring tailoring. Kai is a nuke bomber. Almost nothing ever gets close enough to touch her and mana never seems to be an issue at this point. She favors her frost aspect, but will quickly change to fire when conditions call for it. Her professions allow her to supply the "family" with needed bags and enchants, which seem to suit her well enough.
Recent Activity.

There is quite a collection of alts on both Spinebreaker and other realms. For now, these three see the most of the World of Warcraft. Just as the game goes through changes, so does my little family.
Feel free to say hello to anyone of us in the game! You may want to mention MJ as your source though, so we don't think you just came out of the woodwork somewhere :)

Whatever you play, play for the fun of it. ~Sol

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