30 November 2010

The Elder and the Newcomer

Since the world as we once knew it became 'shattered', Sol has been resting quite a bit with one of his druidic sleeping spells. He's adopted this sort of causal mind-set that things will be what they will be. So why worry about it now? He'll just deal with it as it comes, and he will survive just as he's been doing all these years. He does have two things in mind though for this last week before the Cataclysm. Simple stuff really, nothing special. He'll pay a few more visits to his buddy Baron Rivendare, as they seem to have developed some sort of odd relationship the past couple of months by having breakfast together. There really isn't any love lost between them, but Sol keeps hoping the Baron will show him a little anyway. The second thing is to aquire a drake.

The Eastwall Gate

Baron Rivendare

The newcomer to the family is a fast growing night elf mage named Alisym. I must admit that she has been having unusual growth splurts with the new quest lines and is now into her early 30's. Her adventures are, or seem to be, always exciting and fascinating to follow. Story-lines, simular to a good book that are difficult to just put down. One gets caught up in them and before you know it, you find yourself a quick 3-4 levels experienced. The stream-lineing of the quests Blizzard has done is great for leveling, nothing seems like a grind so far. Even the trash "kill 10 this and 10 that" hold little surprises. Unexpected knock-backs, fears, silences. She even ran into a kill quest where the mobs used these sort of backpack flame throwers! (does "don't stand in the fire" come to mind here?) So yes, even at these early levels the mobs are actually fun and I can easily see how these experiences would help a new player be better prepared for end game.

Alisym wanted to share a couple of her early memory pics, these were of her time in Darkshore. Mr. Withers was a delightful surprise reward at the end of a quest chain. When summoned, he starts out nearly as tall as her shoulders, but if you're away from water, he starts to shrink rather quickly! Go near some water, and he grows back to his normal size. This is like, OMGWOW!!! Mr. Chilly can't touch this.

Another great thing about the early quest lines is the new level of npc interaction. One such quest line led Alisym to work along side of the great Malfurion. And later on, Malfurion even made an appearance during another quest in which she also had the dubious pleasure of meeting Queen Azsura. One last note: the Darkshore quests were so enticing, before she realized it, Alisym picked up the achievement for doing 90 quests there. Perhaps there is a Loremaster in her future?

Enjoying the new, old world!

27 November 2010

Report from the Front

Report from the Front

To: Tyrande Whisperwind
From: Kaimara
May the Light be with you Priestess!

(My father, Solitudeone, is taking a much needed rest from his adventures and battles in Northrend. Before falling into one of his Druidic sleeps, he requested that I prepare this report for you.)

It is an honor to report that our small family is providing its' assistance and services across several battlefronts in these most world shattering of times. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any documented sightings of Deathwing at this time, encountering only the destruction and despair which was left in his wake. Whole towns and communities have been torn asunder across neary every world zone. The death toll rises, and all the elementals have become frenzied enemies towards civilazation. Old and new enemies have risen from the ruins. Azeroth is now is a state of world war, literally.

I am sure you are aware that our small family is of various bloodlines/backgrounds. As with many of the Alliance factions, we are tightly knit and committed towards common goals. Bubblegumtwo, (whom we fondly call Bub), is currently assisting the new settlements in Swamp of Sorrows. His shamanistic ways, understanding of the elements, along with his duel-wielding "get-in-their-face" battle courage is making headway in the Swamp. He also provides a strong Dranei presence there, committed to the Alliance cause.

Netherone, our resident warlock, was recently asked to enter the Burning Steppes. As with many other zones, things are in quite a bit of turmoil there also, according to his last letter home. He did not include many details since he only recently arrived there, other than some group was keeping certain young dragons in chains, which he promptly freed, eliminating most of their evil captors as he was doing so. He did promise a detailed update in his next letter.

Oneshadow, (our little independant rogue-child), well...his whereabouts are currently unknown. Quite typical for him though, we generally hear about his escapades after the fact. True to his nature, he remains very secretive. I did here talk between his brothers though that he has also joined the cause and is enroute to some undisclosed location as I write.

Begging your pardon Priestess, but I must include a short personal note here. Before father went off for his druidic sleep, he brung home a sister for me, (probably due to my incesstant complaints about being the only female in the family.) Alisym, she is called. A beautiful Night Elf child who has readily taken to the ways of the mage. *note the smile of pride on my face!* My knowledge of Night Elf history is limited to that which father has spoken of during quiet family nights together. As the current world state does not provide much time for childhood, Alisym has grown rather quickly. She has reached the tender age of 22 in such a short time. Alisym also sends me the most detailed letters of her current exploits, adventures and travels in Darkshore. I can only imagine the totality of destruction and carnage through her words. Father well recalls his travels through Darkshore so many moons ago and tells me Alisym certainly has her hands full in more ways than one. Alisym also speaks of Night Elf history during our sisterly times together. She has provided me with so much more, in detail, than I've ever heard from father. I think that this is due to her youth, and she definately aquired his adventurous traits. She speaks very highly of her meeting with you during her early years. She also carried on at some quite detailed length of her adventures with Malfurion in Darkshore. Alisym is obviously quite honored and proud to have served along side the great Malfurion. I am very sure she will carry the Night Elf traditions with her where ever she travels, and our common enemies will come to know and fear her.

As for myself Priestess, my good king has ordered me to Northern Stranglethorn. The devastion there is just mind-boggleing. The Vile Reef has nearly severed the zone into two. I have only just begun lending my magic to righting all the wrongs there. I did take some time to survey the zone though, in preperation for the challenges ahead. The stronger Alliance presence in Stranglethorn was greatly needed, and I for one, welcome the brave souls who have ventured here.

That is the extent of my report Priestess. My good King sends his regards and blessings to you and Malfurion.

04 November 2010

Elementals, Gnomes....and Worgen?

It has been a busy few days now since the elemental invasions started. What began as an unexplained oddity out in the middle of nowhere for Kaimara, has spread like a wildfire through her brothers, and even Sol. Things have pretty much calmed down for now, only a few stray elemental hunting trips pop up.

Sol has gone back to his familar routines, along with his daily visits to the not very generous Baron Rivendare. He only started soloing older instances a couple of months back, and is pretty much set on just a few for the pocket money.He does seem to be setteling into his new spell rotations and approach to mobs. For a time there, things were really up in the air so to speak.

With all the cloth everyone collects along the way, Kai's tailoring is way up for her age. In fact, she now has to wait another 6 ages to train her next skill level. She has plenty of patterns to make though for a little extra income, and she can usually get them easily sold since she don't charge very much. If not, well then there is always the fallback to her first profession, enchanting. Make it, then DE it. Works out just as well. Of coarse, all the boys have had their share of armor enchants along the way.

Let's see, the shaman and lock have been kind of quiet this week, only poking their heads in now and then with the elementals. Kia and the rogue child have enjoyed their busy time, taking full advantage of it. Oneshadow, (the rogue child), is extreamly happy with himself since he's now stalking about with heirloom chest, shoulders, and two unique daggers. (at the expense of daddy's tourney work)

What's really nice about this little 'family' thing is that everyone sorts out their various loot takes and sends whatever is useful to whoever needs it. And with all the different zone coverage around Azeroth, everyone keeps an eye open for various pattern vendors someone else may miss or pass by. It's all good, everyone profits in some way or another.

A couple of weeks ago Sol came home with a stray puppy for the kids, in the shape of a gnome DK. Not sure how well this will turn out though. The boys just kinda laughed at the old man, while Kai sat in a corner squinting with disapproval. She does that a lot though. When they were alone, she had her words with him.

"Seriously Dad. The covert midnight romps to Gilineas are one thing, but a gnome DK ??? The boys are just going to want to use him for a football, and I'd really rather have a sister.....if anything." Sol just leaned back in his easy recliner chair, allowing her to say her piece (as if he could stop her from doing so anyway). His half-hidden grin did not go un-noticed though.


"Did You?"

01 November 2010

Beginning of the End?

Kaimara was just finishing up some quests which dinged her to 42. Cutting across Mirage Flats in the Badlands she came across a very unusual scene. Four Rocky Elementals surrounding some sort of rift area in defensive behavior, while the local crag cayoties and buzzards were attacking them. She decided to take a couple of them down just to see what happened, easy enough kills she thought. No loot though, and they seemed to respawn almost instantly. Enough of that mess she thought, so off to see her trainer in SW instead.

Stormwind held a few more surprises when she came out of the Mage Tower. All kinds of people running about. It turns out that Blizz dropped the opening quests which lead up to The Shattering/Cataclysm. Doomsayers in Old Town, Twilight Hammer folks outside of town and wind elementals popping up here and there. All this was quite unexpected today, although welcomed, and an exciting change from the usual farming and questing just waiting for Cata.

Kai decided to take a few snapshots of things, she's like that. Always adding to the memory album. The first is from the Badlands rift. Second up is one of the strange devices which would spawn the Wind Elementals later on in the quest chain. The third is just plain Kia. She just had to have one with her and the SW King.
(click to...you know)

Notice that she did wear her best for this one. Isn't she just the cutest little mage?