25 June 2011

Game Plan?

Over the years of playing this game, I've never really had any sort of a 'game plan.' Unless of coarse, one could qualify solo questing to level cap as a game plan. ( I'm lookin at you, Sol ) Personally, I would call this questing your way up, as more of a playstyle.

To be honest here, Khrox and Kaimara pretty much followed in this play style. They had within them, that pre-determined dream of becoming PVE raid viable, which Sol never realized (for many reasons). Over the past month now, I've noticed a new wave of thoughts slowly being formed and nurtured. Some, not all, of Sol's failures to realize his dream stemmed from this playstyle and not having a more workable plan. Mind you now, although I'm sorta-kinda down on Sol at the moment, I really did enjoy the solo questing playstyle over the years and the personal satisfaction with each accomplishment was truly, satisfying. So much so, that it bled over into many, many alts along the way. Hehehe, kinda like a genetic thing.

Khrox and Kaimara though, are beginning to show the effects of "change." The changes brewed somewhat in the background with Khrox and he didn't really start busting out of form until he experienced Tol Barad. Sol had tried BG's several years back. At first they were fun diversions and he did manage to hold his own somewhat. During the early times of BC though, he became introduced to, and frustrated with trying to battle against twinks nearly ten levels higher, and just plain quit.

Now that Khrox has been fully submerged into TB, this lure of the BG's has spread through his blood like raging fire. He does not fear how big his enemy is, or what OP class they may be, or even how many there are. He fights to win, to shed as much enemy blood as possible. Lol, kinda like being a suicide bomber I guess. It's become fun to maim and kill horde. Khrox now looks towards expanding his brand of blood-letting on the random BG front.

Kaimara is still a bit younger than Khrox, at level 76. That BG fire raging in Khrox's blood though, has now spread to infect her blood. The question became such: Kai still gains XP. There can possibly be a lot of XP gained in BG's. A different form of leveling? Not really. Many bloggers have written about, and many players have talked about, how they leveled strictly through BG's or dungeons alone. Some even used a mix, rather than go the questing route. So this new plan to push Kai to level 80 in a rather quick fashion isn't really new, it's just new to her. And it just may be the spark needed to bring her up to level cap 85. She has been languishing in Northrend for some time, and needs the booster shot. Can she hold her own in such a volatile environment? I think she can. So the coming patch week will see her frostbolting and ice lancing horde. Along with other chilling effects.

End game PVE raiding is still very much a goal. We are simply approaching the attainment of that goal from a different point of view, a different 'battle plan,' as it is.

Isn't he just the awesome looking "Fear me" pet?
"Whitefyre", Khrox' newest addition of blood-letting pets.

"Go with honor, friend."

21 June 2011

On today's menu: fresh killed Horde

I have been a bit absent from the blog here for a bit. What with Firelands looming on the near horizon, I've been deep into the game gearing and making ready Khrox, our dwarven BM hunter. Yes, Sol has gone AWOL for the time being, choosing instead to follow up on some long grinding achievements. Things which he is particulary well suited for.

On the other hand, isn't Khrox just about the most fearsome looking BM hunter you've ever seen? He's so tough, he don't need any shirt padding underneath his armor! Even his eyes are a pierceing green. Okay, maybe that's a touch egotisical, but for the past week he's been camped out in Tol Barad spreading death and mayhem towards the horde.

It all started rather innocently enough. Khrox had only done a couple of Cata 5-man norms with some guild mates, and was looking for ways to gear up faster. Pugging was not an option, I hate pugging, especially this late into an expansion. DUT is an Aussie guild, I'm east coast US. This is a bit of a time zone challenge, even with a fair number of US members.

None the less, with most everyone being friendly and helpful, two guild mates stepped forward and offered Khrox various bits of advice. One helped out with macros, rotations, cd's and pet choices. (naturally, spirit beasts were high on the list!)

The other half of this great team, and greatly experienced vet, advised hitting Tol Barad battles, and all the dailys from inside and out. Making this a possible 18 dailys. That's a good chunk of commendations each day. Khrox is a relatively fresh lvl 85. I mentioned to this vet that I'd never done TB. That did it. Next thing I know we're grouped together and que'd for the upcoming battle. Talk about a nervous breakdown in process! We zone into the battle, Ally is attacking. He pops this chopper thingy with a side car and says jump in. Proceeds to take me on a tour of the battleground at high speed, stopping only to rescue some allys in need. Then some serious warring with the horde ensued.

I must make note here that right before this eye-opening event took place, the same mentor suggested that with my LW prof, I make a couple of pvp pieces, which I did. So, I wasn't going in completely naked. (so-to-say) Thank goodness for bloodied dragonscales!

I followed my mentor around, fighting like a rabid, gone-crazy dwarf. I died a couple of times when ganged up on. All in all though, it was quite the experience, and a lot of fun besides. Khrox did end up with a few kills, extra commendations, and a bunch of honor points. Ally won that battle, so introductions to the inside dailys were in order. (didn't think I was ready for the raid)

Day two saw me hesitate to jump into the battles alone. I did take advantage of the inside dailys though when they were available. Day three...heck with it...jump in! Khrox spread blood throughout four battles that day, solidly becoming a force to be reckoned with. It was great! I can killz Horde, big time.

In all seriousness now, even though I would prefer being great at pve content and still hope to be, all this past weeks pvp activity has taught me many things about my class and spec. It has also taught me about quick thinking movements, on the spot trapping, kiteing and a feeling of "no fear." Khrox will now tango with any horde, or two, (3 ?) who cares to chance dancing with him. This past week has also provided him with some other goodies. Like this great crossbow, and these fearsome looking shoulders. Although he is mostly decked out in pvp gear for now, he is finally heroic dungeon ilvl'd geared, and not that far from being able to get into ZA/ZG. Does the gear choice bother him? Not any more. For as an over-achieveing vet told Khrox, "They laughed at me for zoning in with pvp gear. But I out dps'd everybody, every time. They don't laugh anymore."

16 June 2011

Day Four: Through Your Interface

Day 4: Greatest Accomplishment "Proud of a boss kill? Excited about taming that rare? Over the moon about getting a title? Show us your greatest in game accomplishment!"

So we come to day four of Saz's "Fifteen Days-Through Your Interface" screen shot challenge. I spent a bit of time going through my slightly un-organized library of screen shots looking for something suitable. Sad to say, but I came up with zip. Nada. Empty handed. It became time for a plan B. If I could think of one.

Perhaps a little bit of Sol's history will serve as a plan B, hopefully. For new-comers to the blog, Sol is a level capped NightElf Balance Druid. I've been playing this game of WoW for close to five years. Sol reached level cap in a rather reclusive, solitary play style through questing, exploration, profession leveling ... I'm sure you get the picture here. In a rather late-to-the-party manner, Sol stumbled through a few 5-man norm Wrath dungeons. Nothing overly spectacular, and he never made of himself 'raid-viable'. Consequently, that adds up to zero boss kills worthy of mention.

Cataclysm wasn't much kinder for Sol, although he did become a member of a really great guild...after solo questing to 85. He faultered through a couple of 5-man norms with the aid of friendly and tolerant guild mates, which led him to become supportive in more of a background way by his own choice.

Obviously not a hunter, Sol never tamed any rares. He did for a time though, make a mission out of world bouncing to solo kill as many rare elites as he could for a time. Each one proved to be something more in the way of personal accomplishment, rather than game accomplishment. So these are things he simply holds within his own memories.

Titles: lol. Sol does hold a good sized hand-ful of titles to display, when he so chooses. Nothing earth or game shattering though, just many of the usual ones. These are along the lines of various alliance faction rep standings through the argent tourney, archaeology and so forth. His very first title was Explorer, well before the Shattering, and later with Cata, The Explorer. When Sol does display a title, this is the one of choice. It is short, and to the point in so far as being descriptive of his nature. The memories of all the foot races and later ground mount runs to explore each zone are alive and well within. Even the too-many-to-count corpse runs while trying to add various Horde cities and camps needed for the zone achievements. Even though this title is rather common now for most players, Sol still holds it dear to heart.

Although for Sol, there is no real "greatest in game accomplishment", there is the much more personal accomplishment for me to play this game, and get a character to level cap. Up until most recently, Sol stood alone as the only level capped character. For everything he is, and is not, I'm very proud of him.

Enjoy the game and have fun! ~Sol

15 June 2011

The main switch

About those thoughts of switching mains. They've been around for a bit of time now, and are apparently becoming noticable to others. My first clue, was when my GL asked if I was switching mains. Yeah I know, obvious is obvious. It's also quite obvious when a level 70 BM hunter suddenly pushes to level 85, and Sol is sitting around comtemplating his class in general.

Khrox is my second level capped character, and who knows what number he holds as one of the many, many alts that have passed through the magic of keyboard strokes and "create character." I can only say for sure that he is one of the "newest" alts in that long line, but one which has miraculously (if that is a word) climbed through 85 levels.

Perhaps it was just the timing factor. Add into the mix; The Shattering, new quest lines designed for faster leveling, a constant tanking companion pet and who knows what else. On the other hand, we've got Sol, a balance druid who can't seem to muster rightous dps or even keep his eclipse procced. Even with a considerable amount of tools to work with, Sol is in a sorry state of affairs. . .and I well know it.

The upside to Khrox: a combination of fewer shots to fire in the rotation, pets that for the most part hold aggro, and only two major things to watch over. Namely, the amount of focus available, and don't let the pet die. Yes, that is a greatly simplified overview. The only big downside atm, is that we are an easy six months into the expansion already, and Khrox is only just now getting his feet wet with end game. Not to mention also, that patch 4.2 (Firelands) is probably only two weeks off.

We end up with two questions at this point. 1. Can Sol possibly redeem himself and become viable? 2. Can Khrox possibly push himself hard enough through end game content, be geared and ready for Firelands release?

EDIT* I started this post yesterday, then read last night that 4.2 MAY GO LIVE on the 21st., giving Khrox only one week instead of two.

The problem Sol had with end game content, was reaching that point well after most people were already through it and farming it. Khrox isn't much better off, but perhaps close enough to maybe be part of Firelands early enough to be somewhat current. Much closer than Sol. Logic would dictate going with Khrox. Although, there is and always will be those special feelings over Sol being the first, and most played level capped character.

Have you ever switched from your main character? Did you go through the "nit-picking-think-everything-out" phase?

13 June 2011

Side-stepping WOW...sorta-kinda

After an afternoon of trying to work his way through Grim Batol and Halls of Origination with some guild mates, Khrox needed some headache relief and a diversion from the madness of trying to gear up for raid quality. So we spent part of the night together reading warcraft blogs. Makes sense. Sorta-kinda?

We came across a post with a cute little screenie involved, which led us on an internet pathway to the pony creator. This pleased Khrox, being a bit daft and BM mix. So there was no question about going through an adoption.

Please Note: Khrox and I have added the background and border to this keepsake of his pony. The pony was created (adopted) from the originator of the program. ( Use the "pony creator" link )

Adopted by Khrox
*Thanks to Tomb of the Ancient for pointing the was to this cute diversion!

So if you're finding yourself a bit bogged down, take a short break, clear your mind with something. Almost anything will work.
Happy Gaming ~ Sol

10 June 2011

Day Three! plus some shocking news

And, believe it or not, we have "Day Three of Saz's Fifteen Days of Through Your Interface!" Okay, we won't mention about how slow I am, lol, I'm quite aware of it. (link to list of participants)

Day Three: "Show us an image that represents who you are, either in Azeroth/Outland, or in real life."

Well, Khrox volunteered for this one since Sol claimed sudden 'camera shy affliction.' (We think he is still meditating the question of Life) While on tour of duty in Twilight Highlands, Khrox came upon this quiet little furnished place complete with all sorts of interesting books, maps and writing space. We found this place to be relatively representive of who we are in real life, barring some things which will always remain quite safely tucked away. You want more? Hmmmm? /flip coin. Better yet, /use pocket tool :))

Represent 1

Represent 2
And now, for the shocking news!

Although I am embedded with Alliance, and he was a sworn enemy at one time, I have a deep respect and admiration for Thrall. This could possibly be a very sad day indeed. (Quoted from the battle.net blog, Patch 4.2 PTR notes)

Elemental Bonds:
"After the druids and their allies thwarted the invasion of Hyjal by the Twilight's Hammer and Ragnaros, an air of peace settled on the sacred mountain. As new growth bloomed across the region, members of the Earthen Ring and Cenarion Circle, along with the noble Dragon Aspects, convened at the ancient World Tree of Nordrassil. Among the gathered heroes were the legendary archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, the former Horde warchief and accomplished shaman Thrall, and his strong-willed companion, Aggra. Together, this illustrious assemblage was to unite its wondrous powers and restore the World Tree for the good of Azeroth.

Yet this auspicious event ended in tragedy. The details are still unclear, but word has spread that an incredibly powerful Twilight's Hammer agent, shrouded to hide his identity, interrupted the ceremony and struck down Thrall with dark magics... casting his spirit into the four domains of the Elemental Plane. If these terrible rumors hold true, the Earthen Ring -- indeed, all of Azeroth -- has potentially lost one of its greatest champions.

…Is this the end of the Son of Durotan?"

Most unfortunate news indeed :(

Happy gaming all!!  ~Sol~

06 June 2011

Day Two....of Fifteen

Day Two: Player Houseing "If you were to claim a place to call your own, where would it be and why?"

I'm running a bit slow on Saz's fifteen day screenie challenge, we'll have to blame it on the hunter Khrox. He's been leveling with all the furor of induced beastial wrath since he entered the cata zones. A story for another time though.

Okay, I have bundles of alts spread across several servers so I'm going to stick with the three main characters that see the most game time. Namely; Sol, Khrox and Kaimara. To begin with, there is an extensive amount of great little get-away places, hide outs, cities, farms, mountains, seasides...well, you get the point. Azeroth, and beyond, offer literally thousands of places one would love to call "home." Consequently, a slightly different view was needed here.

Sol, is just Sol. Been a reclusive loner for so long it's in his blood to stay. He's had quite a few thoughts about 'hangin up his staff' for a bit now, and so has been spending some time in deep thought at the Temple of the Moon. Somehow, he always finds his way back here when the ol' head needs clearing. Sol does'nt carry his Explorer title lightly. He aged gracefully earning it the old way, on foot or nightsaber back. This really allowed him to wander off into many unknown places, each with several qualities of life he could easily adapt to. Flight in Azeroth did not really make matters easier, it simply opened up many more possibilities for him to turn over and over again in thought.

In Deep Thought
Kaimara, worldly traveler and independant that she is, may not settle down for quite some time to come. She does like visiting various dignitaries around Azeroth, having her tea and discussing world events with them. Her personal quiet time though, tends to take her to lessor populated spaces, which still offer some of the comforts she indulges herself with.

Kai's Comforts
Khrox is about as wild and carefree as dwarfs come, but he does prefer his outdoorsy lifestyle over any of the cities. We find him today on the outskirts of Kirthaven, inquiring about the availability of some land going for scorched rates. This little offering is nestled in something of a valley next to a mountain ridge. Plenty of room for all his rare pets to roam, and possibly a small griffon hatchery to boot. Mind ye now, he's only looking, and far from ready to settle down.

Hmmm? It could work, maybe.

Note this: Saz has provided a list of bloggers doing this fifteen day challenge in her post:
"So I hurd you like links..."  So stop over there and get your roadmap for more wow eyecandy!

See ya next time round-Sol

03 June 2011

Defragmenting Game

Note cards, and more cards, and scraps of paper with quick notes. They're everywhere. Game comp desk, work comp desk, taped to hang from the shelfs, stuffed into a notebook. Just freakin' everywhere.

Every so often I go through this spreading infestation of notes, making vain attempts to organize it into something remotely useful. About hopeless at best. The roots of this maddening array lies in the memory banks, way back somewhere in the corners of my mind. There was a time I recall, when I was quite the organized type person with memory that could rival a standard desktop. Gone, are those times. Just about as lost as I am now when searching for some game notes I've made to replace the failing memory banks. And if you've ever wondered about how the sub-title of this blog came to be: "One Nightelf Druids' Fragmented View", well, now you've got a good clue.

Recent case in point; about a month or so ago there was a time while going through my reader that several blog anniversaries would pop up. This got me to thinking about my own blog anniversary, which I couldn't remember when it was. In turn, this prompted a search for the date (make a note), glance at the post count (make a note), glance through all the posts to see if one stood out as better than the others (no note), and so on down the line. Make decision to create some sort of anniversary post (make a note). Then, true to the new way of things, promptly forget about the whole mess. Untill this morning. And I have no clue as to what sparked this reminder of a memory lapse.

Well then. Since there wasn't any outstanding post(s) to declare for a one year anniversary, nor anything really worthy of mention to recall, I'm just going to let this ride it's coarse for the year and leave you with a little eye-candy, some WoW puter art I dabble with. Maybe in the coming year, I'll actually write an outstanding post to celebrate next years anniversary with. It could happen. Really. It's possible......maybe. ( btw- if you're curious, it was 29-May)

Okay now, hope you've enjoyed that little show! We'll see you next time around~~Sol

*Note: some images used were created from screen shots I took in game. A little of this and a little of that, more or less. The in game graphics of coarse, belong to Blizzard-World of Warcraft.  No infringement of their rights or property is intended.

01 June 2011

"15 Days of..." day 1

Saz has set out a challenge on her blog. "Through Your Interface-Fifteen Days of Screenshots" (link to original post)  Drop by for a read and the subjects for each day at her blog and you can check out the comments for more posters.

So, this is Day 1: Favorite Hangout, "Find yourself perching in a particular tree as a druid? Have a certain hovel you like to hang out in on your undead rogue? Show us where it is, and why your character hangs out there."

Sol's Hangout
Sol has obviously been rather reclusive throughout his 85 ages. Other than Darnassass or Moonglade, he dislikes most city life and prefers to find some quiet little out-of-the-way place to stay when he does have to venture in. Stormwind is high on his list of dislikes, but by the powers to be, he must brave an existance there due to the portal island.

Quiet Comfort

Kai's Traveling Hangout Tour
Temple of the Moon
Kaimara, strongly independant, loves traveling the world. She does not call any one place home and will eagerly port to whatever zone strikes her mood at the moment. Sometimes she'll drop in on friends. At other times, she's off to some little known corner to rest and comptemplate world affairs.

And then there's Khrox.

Khrox and new adoption, King Krush
The only "city" Khrox will gladly spend time in is Ironforge. "Nuff said."  Of late though, he's found himself in a balanceing act between Dalaran and Stormwind as daily duties call. Many nights though, he spends camped out in the wilds of Azeroth, or Outland, or Northrend, enjoying a quiet evening by the campfire waiting for some not-so-willing new companion to come along.

Spirit Beast
Both King Krush and the spirit cat were a bit too confident and showed there faces at the same time, and in each others company! Some help from a guild mate was greatly appreciated for the King's adoption.

So, where do your people hang out in Azeroth?