06 June 2011

Day Two....of Fifteen

Day Two: Player Houseing "If you were to claim a place to call your own, where would it be and why?"

I'm running a bit slow on Saz's fifteen day screenie challenge, we'll have to blame it on the hunter Khrox. He's been leveling with all the furor of induced beastial wrath since he entered the cata zones. A story for another time though.

Okay, I have bundles of alts spread across several servers so I'm going to stick with the three main characters that see the most game time. Namely; Sol, Khrox and Kaimara. To begin with, there is an extensive amount of great little get-away places, hide outs, cities, farms, mountains, seasides...well, you get the point. Azeroth, and beyond, offer literally thousands of places one would love to call "home." Consequently, a slightly different view was needed here.

Sol, is just Sol. Been a reclusive loner for so long it's in his blood to stay. He's had quite a few thoughts about 'hangin up his staff' for a bit now, and so has been spending some time in deep thought at the Temple of the Moon. Somehow, he always finds his way back here when the ol' head needs clearing. Sol does'nt carry his Explorer title lightly. He aged gracefully earning it the old way, on foot or nightsaber back. This really allowed him to wander off into many unknown places, each with several qualities of life he could easily adapt to. Flight in Azeroth did not really make matters easier, it simply opened up many more possibilities for him to turn over and over again in thought.

In Deep Thought
Kaimara, worldly traveler and independant that she is, may not settle down for quite some time to come. She does like visiting various dignitaries around Azeroth, having her tea and discussing world events with them. Her personal quiet time though, tends to take her to lessor populated spaces, which still offer some of the comforts she indulges herself with.

Kai's Comforts
Khrox is about as wild and carefree as dwarfs come, but he does prefer his outdoorsy lifestyle over any of the cities. We find him today on the outskirts of Kirthaven, inquiring about the availability of some land going for scorched rates. This little offering is nestled in something of a valley next to a mountain ridge. Plenty of room for all his rare pets to roam, and possibly a small griffon hatchery to boot. Mind ye now, he's only looking, and far from ready to settle down.

Hmmm? It could work, maybe.

Note this: Saz has provided a list of bloggers doing this fifteen day challenge in her post:
"So I hurd you like links..."  So stop over there and get your roadmap for more wow eyecandy!

See ya next time round-Sol


  1. I hope Sol decides to go on when he's finished his contemplation at the Temple and you know my Druid has been in Twilight Highlands looking at real estate too.

    She loves their mountain homes and gets on with the Wildhammer Clan really well. I think it's because, ah, she well, likes to knock back a few pints but you didn't hear it from me.

  2. Yep, the Wildhammers! Khrox could not ask for better neighbors.

    Sol contemplates things a long time usually. He's still kicking about with some dailys, arch, and supporting his guild mates however he can. Hear tell he may be considering going "Insane."

  3. Going Insane is definitely a great pursuit for us solitary types!

  4. I've been considering going insane on Saz as well lately, despite her wanting to take and perhaps needing some serious reflection time at one of her various vacation spots.

    Don't fret about being "slow" on this challenge m'dear, for I'm being a touch slow as well. Call it pre-occupation, little motivation, or just difficulty meeting my own given subjects due to having far too many screen shots. Regardless, we all do things at our own pace, and no need to feel "slow" because of it ^_^

    I absolutely love Kai's hide away. What I would give to have a nice lounge like that in real life!

  5. Hey Saz! Good to hear from you. Heck with it all, let's just go insane and be done with it. I read that they dropped one of the factions, but it should still be interesting enough.

    "Slow?" lol, my natural state anymore.

    :) Kai knows what's best for the inner spirit!

  6. I love looking at Alliance screenies. I really like that Temple of the Moon one Sol, I never go to places like that! Now I feel like I have to go over and have a look.