03 June 2011

Defragmenting Game

Note cards, and more cards, and scraps of paper with quick notes. They're everywhere. Game comp desk, work comp desk, taped to hang from the shelfs, stuffed into a notebook. Just freakin' everywhere.

Every so often I go through this spreading infestation of notes, making vain attempts to organize it into something remotely useful. About hopeless at best. The roots of this maddening array lies in the memory banks, way back somewhere in the corners of my mind. There was a time I recall, when I was quite the organized type person with memory that could rival a standard desktop. Gone, are those times. Just about as lost as I am now when searching for some game notes I've made to replace the failing memory banks. And if you've ever wondered about how the sub-title of this blog came to be: "One Nightelf Druids' Fragmented View", well, now you've got a good clue.

Recent case in point; about a month or so ago there was a time while going through my reader that several blog anniversaries would pop up. This got me to thinking about my own blog anniversary, which I couldn't remember when it was. In turn, this prompted a search for the date (make a note), glance at the post count (make a note), glance through all the posts to see if one stood out as better than the others (no note), and so on down the line. Make decision to create some sort of anniversary post (make a note). Then, true to the new way of things, promptly forget about the whole mess. Untill this morning. And I have no clue as to what sparked this reminder of a memory lapse.

Well then. Since there wasn't any outstanding post(s) to declare for a one year anniversary, nor anything really worthy of mention to recall, I'm just going to let this ride it's coarse for the year and leave you with a little eye-candy, some WoW puter art I dabble with. Maybe in the coming year, I'll actually write an outstanding post to celebrate next years anniversary with. It could happen. Really. It's possible......maybe. ( btw- if you're curious, it was 29-May)

Okay now, hope you've enjoyed that little show! We'll see you next time around~~Sol

*Note: some images used were created from screen shots I took in game. A little of this and a little of that, more or less. The in game graphics of coarse, belong to Blizzard-World of Warcraft.  No infringement of their rights or property is intended.


  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary!

  2. I have stacks of scribbled notes, but I forget to look at them so they store lots of information I've forgotten I have.

    The worst though are my stairs of lost memories. While at the computer I remember there's something I have to do downstairs but by the time I'm down the stairs the memory is gone so I've decided it's the stairs fault,yeah I know but it makes me feel a little better.

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Hey Ancient- Thank you!

    btw, do you think that would work for going from one room to another? I tried blaming the cat, but he won't play along :s

  4. Why yes, in that case it's called the doorway of lost memories!

  5. ^good one!^ I'll have to remember that!