13 June 2011

Side-stepping WOW...sorta-kinda

After an afternoon of trying to work his way through Grim Batol and Halls of Origination with some guild mates, Khrox needed some headache relief and a diversion from the madness of trying to gear up for raid quality. So we spent part of the night together reading warcraft blogs. Makes sense. Sorta-kinda?

We came across a post with a cute little screenie involved, which led us on an internet pathway to the pony creator. This pleased Khrox, being a bit daft and BM mix. So there was no question about going through an adoption.

Please Note: Khrox and I have added the background and border to this keepsake of his pony. The pony was created (adopted) from the originator of the program. ( Use the "pony creator" link )

Adopted by Khrox
*Thanks to Tomb of the Ancient for pointing the was to this cute diversion!

So if you're finding yourself a bit bogged down, take a short break, clear your mind with something. Almost anything will work.
Happy Gaming ~ Sol


  1. I knew that Khrox was a dwarf after my own heart. Buying land in the Twilight Highlands AND a pony adopter.

    Thanks for the link Sol!

  2. Somewhere along the long line of monsterous and rare collections/kills, smacking down Horde mages and such, this beast master does have a heart and gentle nature...

    ...and you're quite welcome!