15 June 2011

The main switch

About those thoughts of switching mains. They've been around for a bit of time now, and are apparently becoming noticable to others. My first clue, was when my GL asked if I was switching mains. Yeah I know, obvious is obvious. It's also quite obvious when a level 70 BM hunter suddenly pushes to level 85, and Sol is sitting around comtemplating his class in general.

Khrox is my second level capped character, and who knows what number he holds as one of the many, many alts that have passed through the magic of keyboard strokes and "create character." I can only say for sure that he is one of the "newest" alts in that long line, but one which has miraculously (if that is a word) climbed through 85 levels.

Perhaps it was just the timing factor. Add into the mix; The Shattering, new quest lines designed for faster leveling, a constant tanking companion pet and who knows what else. On the other hand, we've got Sol, a balance druid who can't seem to muster rightous dps or even keep his eclipse procced. Even with a considerable amount of tools to work with, Sol is in a sorry state of affairs. . .and I well know it.

The upside to Khrox: a combination of fewer shots to fire in the rotation, pets that for the most part hold aggro, and only two major things to watch over. Namely, the amount of focus available, and don't let the pet die. Yes, that is a greatly simplified overview. The only big downside atm, is that we are an easy six months into the expansion already, and Khrox is only just now getting his feet wet with end game. Not to mention also, that patch 4.2 (Firelands) is probably only two weeks off.

We end up with two questions at this point. 1. Can Sol possibly redeem himself and become viable? 2. Can Khrox possibly push himself hard enough through end game content, be geared and ready for Firelands release?

EDIT* I started this post yesterday, then read last night that 4.2 MAY GO LIVE on the 21st., giving Khrox only one week instead of two.

The problem Sol had with end game content, was reaching that point well after most people were already through it and farming it. Khrox isn't much better off, but perhaps close enough to maybe be part of Firelands early enough to be somewhat current. Much closer than Sol. Logic would dictate going with Khrox. Although, there is and always will be those special feelings over Sol being the first, and most played level capped character.

Have you ever switched from your main character? Did you go through the "nit-picking-think-everything-out" phase?


  1. My mains have been:

    BM Hunter -> Elemental Shaman -> Feral Druid

    I used to be nit picky and worry about my dps but don't anymore. I've kind of gone the reverse of Sol. After Cata my Druid just went AWOL and does her own thing now but if I were to find a guild with people playing the same time as me I would be playing a Warlock, turning the dps addon back on and being net-picky again.

  2. :) Ol' Sol has been kinda-sorta AWOL of late, logging in simply for transmutes and taking care of the alt kids. He does have plans though for that "Loremaster>Insane>Exalted" achievements/titles grind. It will keep him busy enough, lol.

    In reality, Khrox is proving to be better armed and capable of progressing that "raider dream" of Sol's. lol, time will tell.