21 June 2011

On today's menu: fresh killed Horde

I have been a bit absent from the blog here for a bit. What with Firelands looming on the near horizon, I've been deep into the game gearing and making ready Khrox, our dwarven BM hunter. Yes, Sol has gone AWOL for the time being, choosing instead to follow up on some long grinding achievements. Things which he is particulary well suited for.

On the other hand, isn't Khrox just about the most fearsome looking BM hunter you've ever seen? He's so tough, he don't need any shirt padding underneath his armor! Even his eyes are a pierceing green. Okay, maybe that's a touch egotisical, but for the past week he's been camped out in Tol Barad spreading death and mayhem towards the horde.

It all started rather innocently enough. Khrox had only done a couple of Cata 5-man norms with some guild mates, and was looking for ways to gear up faster. Pugging was not an option, I hate pugging, especially this late into an expansion. DUT is an Aussie guild, I'm east coast US. This is a bit of a time zone challenge, even with a fair number of US members.

None the less, with most everyone being friendly and helpful, two guild mates stepped forward and offered Khrox various bits of advice. One helped out with macros, rotations, cd's and pet choices. (naturally, spirit beasts were high on the list!)

The other half of this great team, and greatly experienced vet, advised hitting Tol Barad battles, and all the dailys from inside and out. Making this a possible 18 dailys. That's a good chunk of commendations each day. Khrox is a relatively fresh lvl 85. I mentioned to this vet that I'd never done TB. That did it. Next thing I know we're grouped together and que'd for the upcoming battle. Talk about a nervous breakdown in process! We zone into the battle, Ally is attacking. He pops this chopper thingy with a side car and says jump in. Proceeds to take me on a tour of the battleground at high speed, stopping only to rescue some allys in need. Then some serious warring with the horde ensued.

I must make note here that right before this eye-opening event took place, the same mentor suggested that with my LW prof, I make a couple of pvp pieces, which I did. So, I wasn't going in completely naked. (so-to-say) Thank goodness for bloodied dragonscales!

I followed my mentor around, fighting like a rabid, gone-crazy dwarf. I died a couple of times when ganged up on. All in all though, it was quite the experience, and a lot of fun besides. Khrox did end up with a few kills, extra commendations, and a bunch of honor points. Ally won that battle, so introductions to the inside dailys were in order. (didn't think I was ready for the raid)

Day two saw me hesitate to jump into the battles alone. I did take advantage of the inside dailys though when they were available. Day three...heck with it...jump in! Khrox spread blood throughout four battles that day, solidly becoming a force to be reckoned with. It was great! I can killz Horde, big time.

In all seriousness now, even though I would prefer being great at pve content and still hope to be, all this past weeks pvp activity has taught me many things about my class and spec. It has also taught me about quick thinking movements, on the spot trapping, kiteing and a feeling of "no fear." Khrox will now tango with any horde, or two, (3 ?) who cares to chance dancing with him. This past week has also provided him with some other goodies. Like this great crossbow, and these fearsome looking shoulders. Although he is mostly decked out in pvp gear for now, he is finally heroic dungeon ilvl'd geared, and not that far from being able to get into ZA/ZG. Does the gear choice bother him? Not any more. For as an over-achieveing vet told Khrox, "They laughed at me for zoning in with pvp gear. But I out dps'd everybody, every time. They don't laugh anymore."


  1. Well done Khrox! I envy him, any time I've been in a PVP situation I tend to freeze like a deer caught in headlights.

    That's a real human attacking me I think, yike, I guess I should attack back, gee, it seems so rude, I guess ... then I'm dead.

    Khrox looks very fearsome with his new gear and yeah what does it matter about the pvp gear as long as you feel you're holding your own.

  2. LOL- Sol never did do all that well either, except for maybe lots of damage done in WG, and a ton of deaths.

    Starting some more serious pvp saw me (Khrox), real hesitate and self-doubting as well. From the standpoint of my experiences, just go in there, maybe follow a group around and just fight with them. Have Fun! You die, you rez, np. It's a game, try again. Everybody started at the same place, the beginning.

    Yes, there's more to it all, but it will come to you. Just have fun learning and playing.