25 June 2011

Game Plan?

Over the years of playing this game, I've never really had any sort of a 'game plan.' Unless of coarse, one could qualify solo questing to level cap as a game plan. ( I'm lookin at you, Sol ) Personally, I would call this questing your way up, as more of a playstyle.

To be honest here, Khrox and Kaimara pretty much followed in this play style. They had within them, that pre-determined dream of becoming PVE raid viable, which Sol never realized (for many reasons). Over the past month now, I've noticed a new wave of thoughts slowly being formed and nurtured. Some, not all, of Sol's failures to realize his dream stemmed from this playstyle and not having a more workable plan. Mind you now, although I'm sorta-kinda down on Sol at the moment, I really did enjoy the solo questing playstyle over the years and the personal satisfaction with each accomplishment was truly, satisfying. So much so, that it bled over into many, many alts along the way. Hehehe, kinda like a genetic thing.

Khrox and Kaimara though, are beginning to show the effects of "change." The changes brewed somewhat in the background with Khrox and he didn't really start busting out of form until he experienced Tol Barad. Sol had tried BG's several years back. At first they were fun diversions and he did manage to hold his own somewhat. During the early times of BC though, he became introduced to, and frustrated with trying to battle against twinks nearly ten levels higher, and just plain quit.

Now that Khrox has been fully submerged into TB, this lure of the BG's has spread through his blood like raging fire. He does not fear how big his enemy is, or what OP class they may be, or even how many there are. He fights to win, to shed as much enemy blood as possible. Lol, kinda like being a suicide bomber I guess. It's become fun to maim and kill horde. Khrox now looks towards expanding his brand of blood-letting on the random BG front.

Kaimara is still a bit younger than Khrox, at level 76. That BG fire raging in Khrox's blood though, has now spread to infect her blood. The question became such: Kai still gains XP. There can possibly be a lot of XP gained in BG's. A different form of leveling? Not really. Many bloggers have written about, and many players have talked about, how they leveled strictly through BG's or dungeons alone. Some even used a mix, rather than go the questing route. So this new plan to push Kai to level 80 in a rather quick fashion isn't really new, it's just new to her. And it just may be the spark needed to bring her up to level cap 85. She has been languishing in Northrend for some time, and needs the booster shot. Can she hold her own in such a volatile environment? I think she can. So the coming patch week will see her frostbolting and ice lancing horde. Along with other chilling effects.

End game PVE raiding is still very much a goal. We are simply approaching the attainment of that goal from a different point of view, a different 'battle plan,' as it is.

Isn't he just the awesome looking "Fear me" pet?
"Whitefyre", Khrox' newest addition of blood-letting pets.

"Go with honor, friend."


  1. I'm glad Khrox has found his calling. Slaughtering the enemy in battlegrounds sounds like an honorable way to level and the Alliance appreciates it I'm sure!

    Way, way, back on my first character I discovered Arathi Basin. I was awful but having the time of my life until I looked at chat and saw all the abuse being sent my way, never entered again, I'm such a chicken!

  2. With Khrox's advancements into Tol Barad, I've learned from experience past to ignor the mud-slingers and jerk-mouths populating the raid chat. I enter these battles with two goals: 1-to win; 2-to have fun.

    Winning is optional, it is a battleground that will switch faction rule every so often. Having fun is not optional. I ignor the chat box for the most part and just go where the most battles are taking place. Kill or damage as many as possible, laugh all the way to the graveyard, and jump in for more.

    Khrox started out very newb-ish, but now strikes fear amoung the horde to the extent that when he shows up, three or four will rush him, dropping what they were doing. In two weeks time, he has become exalted with Baradin's Wardens, filled out his pvp set from honor points and commendations. He did not get this way by reading or listening to raid chat.

    Have fun, go in there, maim, damage, kill to your hearts content. Or heal the fighters if that is your thing. The skills and the gear will come to you quick enough.

    It's a game, have FUN! Ignor the jerks.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts, adjust for your milage :)