05 July 2011

Regulary Schedueled Maintenance, errr, Post

Game day maintenance. Servers down most all day = usually means blog post day. Read: "maybe means a regular real post day."

I have been a bit of a slacker here lately, what with Firelands calling/demanding so much of my attention. Khrox has been going places and doing things which Sol has only dreamed of. The new Hyjal Firelands dailys taking the forefront. He has pretty much mastered the art of survival and faction war in Tol Barad, gained all the gear and such he set goals for, and now only farms commendations there for the drake mount.

Khrox has also been running some random dungeon norms, testing the waters with his refined beast master powers. Some pretty dumb mistakes were made, like jumping off a platform in Vortex Pinnacle......without clicking on the whirlwind thingy. But overall, he ruled the damage done charts and delivered some pretty good dps. With confidence levels on a high, heroic modes are the next targets. Hopefully, a good long look inside Zul Gurub. Today's story isn't about Khrox though. He's merely the force behind the lacks of posts here. Today, the focus falls on Sol.

Be warned: Personal thoughts ahead, lightly seasoned with game, and simmered.

 As many regular readers will know, Sol was my first level capped character and main for the majority of my WoW lifetime. As a balanced spec'd Nelf Druid, he totally rocked solo play with only questing and moderate end of Wrath Wintergrasp appearances.

Where to go next?
 The worlds of Azeroth and beyond were good. Sol's 'playground' was expansive. Then, the Shattering and the age of 'guilds', decided to rock Sol's world. Sol did join a guild, but the realities of a new game in Azeroth set in rather hard for him. Class balanceing, buff this, nerf that, eclipse, new class mechanics, (the list goes on), all played a part in Sol's fall from grace. He no longer 'rocked Azeroth.'

One of the many scenic views Sol enjoys!

Always traveling........somewhere
 In all honesty though, it really wasn't the game changes that took this once great Druid down. After all, there are plenty of great players in Azeroth which prove daily, that boomkins still rock. Nope, not the game. The real shortcomings with Sol came from the faceless one punching the keyboard behind the scenes. This was devastating, to say the least. "I", was no longer good enough!

In times past here, I've taken a few light-hearted pokes at my "fragmented mind," and, shall we just say, "issues." (for lack of a possibly more appropriate term atm) Bottom line: I could no longer play Sol with any sense of efficientcy/compententcy. Sol's toolbox is a loaded bomb, and I could'nt find the fuse. /frustrated facepalm. With honor, Sol has quietly stepped aside, slipping into a state of semi-retirement within the Emerald Dream, providing what support he can for family and guild. Of the many adopted kids over his lifetime, two have aged well and strong. Of those two, Khrox now handles the familys' leadership role. Surely, he will have many stories to share with us along his journeys. In the meantime, Sol is taking a well deserved rest.

Solitude....as Solitude is
"Go with honor, friend."


  1. Khrox sounds like he'll make a fine leader. I know when I "retired" my first main I felt like a traitor since it was through her hard work all the other characters benefited.

    This was back when I still told my WoW troubles to my husband. To his credit he took this one seriously and said she was probably thrilled to get a break and she could now retire to Nagrand which had always been her favorite place, and occasionally fly around looking for flowers to pick.

    I felt better, my hunter was happy, all was well in Azeroth.

  2. Hello Ancient, good to see you again!

    You tagged the feelings well with "traitor." After playing for a number of years, Sol really was such an extension of self in many ways and the change over was quite difficult. And as with your main, he was the force behind many other characters.

    He will still pick flowers and play around with his transmute alchemy, but in a much more laid back setting.

    Khrox has some big shoes to fill, but he's off to a good start.