01 November 2010

Beginning of the End?

Kaimara was just finishing up some quests which dinged her to 42. Cutting across Mirage Flats in the Badlands she came across a very unusual scene. Four Rocky Elementals surrounding some sort of rift area in defensive behavior, while the local crag cayoties and buzzards were attacking them. She decided to take a couple of them down just to see what happened, easy enough kills she thought. No loot though, and they seemed to respawn almost instantly. Enough of that mess she thought, so off to see her trainer in SW instead.

Stormwind held a few more surprises when she came out of the Mage Tower. All kinds of people running about. It turns out that Blizz dropped the opening quests which lead up to The Shattering/Cataclysm. Doomsayers in Old Town, Twilight Hammer folks outside of town and wind elementals popping up here and there. All this was quite unexpected today, although welcomed, and an exciting change from the usual farming and questing just waiting for Cata.

Kai decided to take a few snapshots of things, she's like that. Always adding to the memory album. The first is from the Badlands rift. Second up is one of the strange devices which would spawn the Wind Elementals later on in the quest chain. The third is just plain Kia. She just had to have one with her and the SW King.
(click to...you know)

Notice that she did wear her best for this one. Isn't she just the cutest little mage?

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