04 November 2010

Elementals, Gnomes....and Worgen?

It has been a busy few days now since the elemental invasions started. What began as an unexplained oddity out in the middle of nowhere for Kaimara, has spread like a wildfire through her brothers, and even Sol. Things have pretty much calmed down for now, only a few stray elemental hunting trips pop up.

Sol has gone back to his familar routines, along with his daily visits to the not very generous Baron Rivendare. He only started soloing older instances a couple of months back, and is pretty much set on just a few for the pocket money.He does seem to be setteling into his new spell rotations and approach to mobs. For a time there, things were really up in the air so to speak.

With all the cloth everyone collects along the way, Kai's tailoring is way up for her age. In fact, she now has to wait another 6 ages to train her next skill level. She has plenty of patterns to make though for a little extra income, and she can usually get them easily sold since she don't charge very much. If not, well then there is always the fallback to her first profession, enchanting. Make it, then DE it. Works out just as well. Of coarse, all the boys have had their share of armor enchants along the way.

Let's see, the shaman and lock have been kind of quiet this week, only poking their heads in now and then with the elementals. Kia and the rogue child have enjoyed their busy time, taking full advantage of it. Oneshadow, (the rogue child), is extreamly happy with himself since he's now stalking about with heirloom chest, shoulders, and two unique daggers. (at the expense of daddy's tourney work)

What's really nice about this little 'family' thing is that everyone sorts out their various loot takes and sends whatever is useful to whoever needs it. And with all the different zone coverage around Azeroth, everyone keeps an eye open for various pattern vendors someone else may miss or pass by. It's all good, everyone profits in some way or another.

A couple of weeks ago Sol came home with a stray puppy for the kids, in the shape of a gnome DK. Not sure how well this will turn out though. The boys just kinda laughed at the old man, while Kai sat in a corner squinting with disapproval. She does that a lot though. When they were alone, she had her words with him.

"Seriously Dad. The covert midnight romps to Gilineas are one thing, but a gnome DK ??? The boys are just going to want to use him for a football, and I'd really rather have a sister.....if anything." Sol just leaned back in his easy recliner chair, allowing her to say her piece (as if he could stop her from doing so anyway). His half-hidden grin did not go un-noticed though.


"Did You?"

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