05 December 2011


It's Tuesday-full maintenance day! Fully expected this to be after all the rolling restarts and hotfixes this past week.

Let's do a little round-up this morning.

I recently read an informative and entertaining post about pocket lint over at Tomb of the Ancient. Go have a read if you already haven't, good stuff.

More about IntPiPoMo: A little earlier this week I was treated to a final installment of this challenge over at Bag Overflow. A totally awesome video was offered up to assist in completing the challenge, which imho, is well deserving and a must see! Grats to Bag Overflow for such a fantastic and unique ending to their IntPiPoMo participation.

Okay, a small personal thought here. Today, as I was going through my reader, I came across another long time blogger I've been reading for I can't remember how long. The post was about stepping back now to favor and give more attention to real life. This is a good thing for this blogger, or any blogger who makes this choice. I'm sure everyone commends and supports, "family/real life, comes first."

I now return you to killing those internet dragons, and other such stuff. :)

Ending this morning's round-up on another happy note, let me ask you, "Who else can talk about having so much !#%& fun in game with such a unique and straight-forward style, as Big Bear Butt delivers? Maybe a few, idk. But I always enjoy reading BBB.

That's it for this mornings little round-up. Time for me to go work through some thoughts over Aygaren, that wanna-be-a-tank Tauren pally. Enjoy your game! ~Sol

*yes, I posted a little early as well, lol


  1. Thank you for the link Sol! And tell Aygaren grats on the Sea Pony, Tajmacat still hasn't managed to fish it up. On the bright side she made a killing at the AH on all the things she fished out of the floating debris!

  2. Aygaren says "thank you!" There were so many people fishing that first day, it probably up'd the odds a bit, lol.
    Grats to Tajmacat as well, those junk and debris pools have been better than norm it seems. Good stuff all around!