04 December 2011

Aygaren's Lucky Day

The new Darkmoon Faire opened up today...YAY!! All the kids were clamoring to go, as expected. Not everyone was able to make the journey though.

Coming into the Faire
Although several of the kids were able to make the journey today, none came away with as much happiness as Aygaren. At level 23, he really didn't expect too much this month. Oh, btw...Aygaren is part of the Great Horde Project, a Tauren Prot Pally.

Aygaren has been enjoying questing for the most part, and finally settled on blacksmithing and mining for his trades. He's made his way through Mulgore, a bit of Durotar and Ashenvale. His current romp is in Stonetalon.

The Sunfury River boat ride
Today though he traveled to the DMF. Found himself some quests for fishing and cooking which up'ed his skill levels quite a bit. And for only one (1) ticket, he came across a 14-slot DMF bag!! This was pure treasure for him, having only 6 and 8 slots all this time.

Then, while doing the little fishing quest at DMF, he heard someone shout with glee over catching the Sea Pony pet. There were a lot of people fishing while he was there, and he had heard about how rare this was supposed to be. Aygaren contented himself to just a 10-minute fishing shot for the quest catch. When he turned in the fish to the vendor, he found quite a surprise in his bag he didn't even notice during the fishing time.

The Sea Pony Surprise!!!
Yep, little bitty Aygaren was the only one of the kids today who walked away with the biggest, goofyest smile on his face. He was so happy, he even splurged on some fireworks to celebrate.

Enjoy the Darkmoon Faire all!!

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