03 December 2011

Rumbles and Grumbles, w/pics

Like the post title says, this is a rumble, (it's very early morn here and my tummy hasn't had it's dose of coffee just yet), grumble, (ah-cause I just might grumble *rant* a bit), and in keeping with Blizzards move to balance everything, I'll supply some pics to balance out the aforementioned rumble-grumbles.

The eagerly awaited 4.3 patch is live. There's been a healthy dose of reactions over it around the community, mostly from the pve raiders perspective. Leading up to this, there's been plenty of amazing vids to watch as well. All well and good. I'm quite happy for everyone who's able to raid, and experience this portion of end-game. Okay, long time readers have already guessed the next part.

Khrox enjoying IF.
 I am both jealous and saddened that I have yet to raise up a viable raider. Sol never did quite make the cut and semi-retired himself to parts unknown. Khrox blasted his way to 85 through quests and late life bg's. He's fully pvp geared with no dungeon experience worth a hoot. He opened up his LFR toolbox. It told him he didn't have the qualifacations to use it. Kaimara is currently pvp geared with very little bg experience. She has some minor pve dungeon experience, but alas, no where near achieving entry raid level. Yet another end of expansion big baddie raid available, and here my alter-selves sit, twiddleing their thumbs. Tapping fingers on the desk asking me "WHY?" "Why haven't you got us THERE yet?" It's just like kids, always wanting more. And I haven't quite been able to give them the world, as much as I would like to.

 It is this part of end-game which constantly haunts me. It is also one of the several reasons for the birth of The Great Horde Project. This is an open-ended self project I started a few weeks ago. I may have mentioned it a time or two here. It began rather simplistically minded, experience the lore and story from the other side of the fence through the eyes of various races within the faction. It's been great. Each character thus far has provided experiences greatly appreciated by the button masher.

It was all good through level 12, then some difficulties started to rise. They suddenly became Hellscreams' minions, fighting his war, like it or not. Then there's the part where they're really all alone traveling through this new world. Traveling expenses became an issue, along with training fees to survive in Hellscreams' War. You get the picture. No sugar-daddys, no heirlooms, it's survival one day at a time. Can you remember those times from way back when? Although the project birthed itself on several likely servers, it is now apparently focused on one realm. I gather these kids, have decided to it home.

Level 11 Gizzel got excited during an Alliance raid on Hellscream,
yep, he died.
 It's AB battleground weekend. I love AB. Birzak was level 19, he que'd for AB. It told him he should probably expect to wait at least 10 minutes and probably more. Birzak dropped from que. Did I mention that the crew is on a PvE server? Obviously, bg's aren't going to be much help. /facepalm Well, I really need to concentrate on the main goal. Focus button-masher, FOCUS! There's two hunters, a mage, and a wanna-be tank pally. Get with the program kids. Dungeons. You want DUNGEONS! Jump in and go for it. Ignor the chat box and all the pve jerk-twads. Just get in now while you're still young enough to grow in these ways. Maybe by the time the Panda's arrive, you'll finally be ready. BTW- I'm lousy terri-bad at melee. Always been a ranged caster. The wanna-be pally tank is going to be a real challenge.

Gizzel-goblin hunter

Gandom-Orc mage
Have fun in game everyone! LOL, in spite of momentary doldrum attacks, I am. And beware Alliance! The goys are off to dungeons for now, but the day will come, your reckoning will be at hand. MAWHAHAHAHA!!!!


  1. I know, I make myself that promise each new character. You WILL queue for an instance early on, do not just blast your way to 85 and then go, hey, what?

    Taj is 23 I think now so she's probably missed the boat for Deadmines, maybe she's in the Stockades range. I'll have to check. I love feral druids but it took me forever to realize I don't like melee in a group. My warlock is much more fun.

  2. Sometimes those levels just sneak up on you in batches, like early this morn. The pally was 14, I blinked for a moment, suddenly he's 20. He may just catch Taj fairly soon. lol