10 December 2011

Sol's Travel Journel

Everything has been kinda quiet around here, to some dismay. I've been at battle with some sort of corrupting force within a persistant ear infection of sorts. Needless to say I guess, it's put quite a damper on my game time/enjoyment, and keeping up with the blog and community. As with all things, I'm fairly sure it's time will pass, eventually.

Sol's Travel Journel: The Great Horde Project - It's been, different, to say the least. Trying to break from years of certain game play styles, to set forth into new areas and roads never traveled before has seen some challenges. Making progress in overcoming these challenges is slow going, but making headway.

The desire to keep going off in so many different directions needed to be reined in, and focus set on just a couple of goals in hopes of attaining some moderate success. Server choices are now pretty much settled on just one, with two strays over on another. The line-up of new kids is set now as well.

On our "main" horde active server, we have a four-man crew tenitively referred to as "brothers-in-arms." The birth and leveling order saw some changes. Who came first, is now second. While who came fourth is now third. Go figure. The speed at which new characters level now certainly plays a part in this, although I also see some play in the chosen classes as well. Anyway, here's the main team intros and a short word or two about each.

Aygaren--Tauren Paladin: currently level 33 with blacksmithing and mining as main professions. I had actually 'grounded' him earlier this week for leveling way too fast and not getting into any dungeons as yet. His main purpose in life is to learn how to tank. We've had discussions about this. Aygaren feels somewhat ready, but I have this overt dislike for pugging in the dungeon tool. He's been advised to find a suitable guild to run and learn with. So far, he's come up empty handed.

Birzak--Troll BM Hunter: sitting at level 28 with leatherworking and skinning professions. This really wasn't a difficult choice. Khrox has had some fairly good success as a BM, so I expect that Birzak will do at least as well, if not better. Personally, I've got copper coins on Birzak doing better.

Gizzel--Goblin BM Hunter: Level 15. Why two hunters? Just an easy choice to be honest. The project had a lot to do with seeing the story and lore from Horde eyes. I'm not crazy about Goblins. Several have tried and failed in the past. So, I really wanted Gizzel to succeed for two reasons. The Goblin viewpoint and Goblin engineering. Somehow, I expected that the hunter class would make it all worth the effort.

Gandom--Orc Mage: Level 13. Gandom rounds out the team pretty well. Along with his frost magic, he's acquired tailoring and skinning skills. Perhaps not the best combination, but helpful in supporting himself as the others have had to learn how to do. Here again, the mage class is fairly familar to work with so at least moderate success is expected.

These 'brothers-in-arms' spent most of the past week goofing off at the Darkmoon Faire. Each one accumulated various achievements. Aygaren faired the best though, with both the Sea Pony companion and a dungeon artifact from going solo on Ragefire Chasm to his credit. Next week will see them getting back to the journeys at hand. At least until Winter Veil sets in on Azeroth.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. Hope the ear infection clears up soon! For me the upcoming holiday is putting a damper on play time.

    Taj got her second spec and then realized the only way to learn to heal is to, gulp, do an instance. So far she's got cold feet, talk about learning on the job!

  2. Thanks Ancient-it's been a bummer thus far and I hope it goes its' merry way soon.

    Aygaren says "Hi!" to Taj, and grats on trying out healing. He soloed RC this past week and said there were a couple of moments that were a bit close for comfort. He also mentioned that Taj is welcome to join him anytime for a go at something.

    Ahhh yes, the holidays. About one more week and playtime will get a real irratic damper :s
    Such is life in Azeroth!