18 December 2011

You know when...

You know you've been playing WoW for a while when...

you pull a mob at range, kill it, loot it and pull the next mob...

before the first one hits the ground. At level 12-ish.

Okay, it was just one of those random thoughts that passed by. Along with the other one over game time about to become rather spotty and random between 20-Dec and 3-Jan. Hurumph...the nerve of rl people interupting my realities. Azeroth needs it's heros! Speaking of which...

Aygaren, now in his late thirty-somethings, has no fear of jumping into the frays inside Grommosh Hold. After all, he can fling a mean shield along with a few hammers. And it's not because he cares all that much for Garrosh. He just has this bone to pick with the Alliance, who seem to like raiding Grommosh Hold on a frequent basis.

At thirty-something, Aygaren can't really do a lot of damage to level capped pvp raiders. In fact, most of his shots tend to miss and do nothing at all. He would probably do more good switching specs in such cases and passing out light weight heals on fellow defenders. But no. He's a 'wanna-be-a-tank' pally and insists on fighting the best he can. So all in all, he was really surprised when in the middle of tossing shields about, this came up:

Yep. One purely magical moment when a shield actually found it's mark at just the right millasecond to send a level capped Ally to his maker. Be it magic, RNG good fortune or whatever, Aygaren enjoyed his moment of celebration. Moving along now. (wish I was quicker with the screenshot button, lol)

I recall back when, sort of, when I saw my first mechanochopper in the game. Stopping stone cold on the spot, I looked at this thing in total amazement and  awe. Wondering to self, "Self-what is this world coming to?" The amazement lasted about 10 seconds I think. Then the level capped owner dismounted and proceeded to one-shot me. Then came the rocket ships, and pink ones to boot. And let's not forget the Sparkle Ponies flitting about. Someone actually paid real money for that!?! I just shook my head and went about my Azerothian business.

All the Brothers in Arms now have their first mounts, very glad to give their tired feet or hooves a much needed rest. Aygaren don't particulary care for Belfs, but has become tolerant of one who happens to be his class trainer in Org. Tolerant because, the Belf granted him both riding and a great looking Kodo mount for less than 1 gold piece! Such a deal. Really!

Gizzel has hopped on the motorized mount wagon. Yep, he got his first Trike, and actually loves tooling around in it.

Birzak got his raptor, a rather expensive venture. Oh, he mentioned that he was a little too busy for picture taking that day.

And Gandom came into a wolf, for a moderate fee of coarse.

Gandom also has a new companion! Such a happy little thing she is. Although, she does tend to randomly stop in mid-stride, or mob fight, to cross over into some sort of realm of oblivion. At least she does manage to catch up rather quickly when her reality snaps back in.

Last but not least, there's Bossy. How the heck she got herself in some out of the way upstairs room unable to get down the stairs, is just pure mystery. And she's not speaking of how or why.

Okay, one for the road: Gandom came across this friendly little fella whilist flower picking in the snow.

OH, and my new phrase for the week is courtesy of the Forsaken:

"Beware the living."

Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Enjoy your game folks, whatever it may be. :)


  1. Getting that first mount is still one of the best moments in game to me! Not having to run everywhere, wonderful.

    Christmas preparations and Star Wars are interfering with Azeroth right now but in Taj's case I'm not sure. The moment I got her healing spec I logged out and haven't been back to her. I think I have "fear of healing." I'm not afraid of trying to tank but I seem to have problems at the thought of all the responsibility of keeping everyone alive!

  2. Hey Ancient, good to see you again!

    Aygaren holds some of the same thoughts about beginning to tank. The responsibilities of keeping aggro away from the group so no one dies, etc.

    Somewhere along the way, we need to just put one foot in front of the other, and the learning will come. Also helpful perhaps, he recently got invited into a guild which so far seems friendly and helpful. Some dedicated PvE tanks have been offering him advice, so perhaps that first group will go in his favor and break the ice.

    I wish Taj well. Be strong, I know you are, and take that first step.