13 August 2010

Stalled-grinding rep-etc.

Kind of like when the engine stalls out in your car. I was crusin' along with focus on gear, acceptable gs, mixing pve and pvp along the way. Doing the 25 dailys allowed for the gold, tapping into the AH market and all the usual things lvl 80's do I guess. Then it hit...engine stalled out. Don't know why. Everything just started to fizzle out in chunks. Even my alts are on vacation since they are still on this side of Outland and Cata will dramatically change their 1-60 leveling. So I decided to take a break from it all.

I have been reading a bunch of lore lately and visiting the 'old world' quite a bit. That get-away from Northrends' fast pace. So I popped into the Plaguelands and decided to grind out the Argent Dawn rep I've been needing for that title. Several days of quests, soloing Strath and Scholomance (mostly the latter), and in general leaving everything else behind. Got the exalt and title today, adding to the growing list of achievements. It felt good to visually see a new acomplishment flash up on the screen for a change. Hopefully the other three I've been working on here and there will succeed before the Xpac comes out.

I found a listing of realm servers by timezone the other night. Not that I'm considering a server transfer in spite of my usual frustrations on Spinebreaker, but in looking to find one in my own eastern time zone that was also fairly equal in Ally/Horde population. I browsed through the PVP servers, not much of a shock that most were Horde favored, but found a few that were relatively close in numbers. I decided to try something off-beat for me though and chose a 'normal' server to try out. I'm sure most know that normal servers are fairly PVE orientated, and that you can choose when to flag your self as PVP when you desire to do so. (BG's and such) The other little nuance here is that you can create both an alliance and horde character on the server. This has its' plus side for me. The ability to create and level both my balance druid ally and his horde counterpart in the same place. Hmmm...the wheels are grinding away again. The best of both worlds? Not only a local server, but one I can have ally and horde on equally? This seems good.

I started with my druid of coarse, Solthesecond. Right off, I noticed the increased number of new level 1-6 druids in the starter area. By the time I reached Dolonar, there was also quite a few 80's moving about as well. The over-all atmosphere seemed much more relaxed and friendly. People were actually being helpful towards one another. All this is quite a change from my original server. I've invested a lot of time in Spinebreaker and still call it home along with all its' challenges and quirks, it'll always be that way. But for now, I'm thinking that this new server choice will be just the "get-away-from-it-all" place I need to balance my inner self out.

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