26 August 2010


Approximately 27 hours over 4 days, the same quests repeated again...and again...and again...Sol finally got that Winterspring Frostsaber mount.

This was the longest, most tedious grind I believe Sol ever attempted, and actually finished without spending weeks or months just poking around at one. To remain focused upon one thing only isn't exactly within my nature. I accepted long ago that Sol would most likely never possess any of those fancy flying mounts, the drakes, netherwings, etc. So, this beautifully colored frostsaber now ranks number one within his stable of 13. One good part of this grind, was that all the loot vendored and occasionally AH'd added up to enough gold for the 80g required to purchase the reins, plus about 20g left over.

* * * * *

What with everything I've been reading about Cataclysm (scores upon scores of webpages), keeping up with all the news and changes coming is another project all together. I find much of it confusing to say the least, even though I find myself generally excited about all the new experiences forth-coming. One comforting thought lately is that when it does arrive, it will most likely be easier for Sol to double back into WotLK, finish his gear upgrades and gain more PVE experience. The thought here is that the majority of the elitiests and jerk-butts will have moved on and there will be a new community of players available. For a short time, Sol might even have a small advantage, hopefully.

* * * * *

Sol gave up the thoughts about attempting the ZG tiger mount, simply cannot get into there without a group status. He does solo farm Strath and Scholomance enough that the rare mount gods in Strath might favour him, might, maybe? He also decided to take a run through Dire Maul late the other day. Interesting place, he'll have to visit again soon.

* * * * *

One last note on Winterspring and the mind-consuming grind. While turning in the three quests and picking up the next run worth, Sol got himself turned about somehow. Probable all those up and down trips on Frostsaber Rock. Anyway, he took a fall off the high point of the rock. About died, under 200 hit points of life left. He said that being mounted was probably the only thing that saved him from certain death. Un-expected achievement though, "Going Down". Fall 65 yards...and live to talk about it. After all the times he's tried jumping off various high points, including Wyrmrest Temple, he got this one quite by accident.

Until next we meet..."keep yer feet on the ground!"

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