05 September 2010


Yeah, the game is filled with them, we all know that. Just about anyone who has /2 turned on most likely gets a large dose of it daily. It is even more prevelant within certain forums (the infamous WOW community forums). Still, one can occasionally find the rare bit of information or burning question answered within that community, so weeding through all the asshatery and hateful trolls becomes a necessay evil to endure.

For example, some occasional worthwhile tidbits can be found in the Guild Relations Forum (GRF). Even if you're not a guild leader, sometimes a guild member can come across a solution/answer to a question they have. The GRF really isn't as bad as most of the other forums, it is generally self-policeing and trolls/asshats are kept to a minimum.

Then there is what I consider 'pulse' reading. This is where you scan the individual realm forums (usually your own), to kind of keep an informed pulse on the community you play within. It actually does help in gaining a bit of background knowledge into the mentality and personality of the more out-spoken players in your realm. As I'm sure other players do, I have two different realms which I play, so I'll browze those two realms from time to time.

Within my main PVP realm, I came across a particular poster which caught my attention with his subject matter, "The Greatest Ganking Guide Ever". Not just one posting advocating daily sessions of ganking lowbies, but he also included (part 2 and part3) for ganking sessions. His general opinion is: "Look here lowbies, here's the deal.....if you can't stand to be ganked, camped, griefed, or otherwise have your questing inturrupted, move to a Carebear server (pve server)" He also advocated grief-ganking (corpse-camping) for some of his sessions. The whole point here, is that he selectively seeks out lowbies, players which are considerably lower level than himself. (welcome to WoW World PvP). One commenter, only one, had the guts to tell this poster that he was a disgrace to his faction and offered to pay for his server transfer.

The interesting part in all this for me, aside from all the foolish mentality to laugh about, was that the poster actually offered one bit of reasonable thought as to how his ganking sessions were a benefit for lowbies. Reasonable, I suppose, if you're into hard-core world PVP. Here is his thought:

"You will NEVER be of any use at higher levels if you can't stand to be ganked, you'll never learn every single skill, what it does, how it counters, and how to time it perfectly with something else to keep yourself alive and get yourself out of bad situations."

Somehow, after all the times and levels Sol has been ganked, corpse-camped and one-shotted, the above thought seems to have escaped me. Even though it does make some logical sense in a round-about way. There is one thing though that Sol did learn through all this, and that was the stubborn persistance to get even.

There really is a couple of other decent reads over there, even though I don't advocate posting in the community forums. I do like the info one can find in the Achievements Forum. It does help if you're trying to get something in particular done. Then there is Beta Forums. Always interesting to see what's going on and being said about the coming Cataclysm. You have to have beta to log-in for commenting, but you can read anything else there just for whatever.

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