06 February 2011

Adjustments to the Cataclysm

I, or perhaps Sol, have been busy trying to get somewhat organized. The main reason for the lack of posts around here lately. We've always been a bit scattered, or "fragmented" as our new header graphic says. Time has come around though and the desire to become something more has risen from the depths within.

I'm fairly sure that this lurking desire to be better has reared its' head in many players, probably multiple times. We find ourself shifting different alts around, maybe even deleteing some, and re-positioning our main for a new path to travel. Kind of like taking a look at the big picture from a different angle. If there needs to be a reason to justify this sudden flurry of activity, it would be logical to assume that the starting point lies within why you play the game. Even though most players know, that even this changes over time.

For over four years now, Sol has been something of a silent, lone adventurer in the world of Azeroth. Single-handedly bringing death and destruction to many mobs, clandestine groups and rift-raft bosses.

Very late in Wrath, the choice to enter some serious PVE came along. A lot of time was spent improving gear and such, and the early random dungeon normal modes were attempted. Too little, too late though. The bulk of players were already downing LK, farming heroics and face-rolling the 10 and 25's content. The now infamous gearscore and achievement requirements, were little more than a major roadblock for Sol. Needless to say, the attempt failed in the most horrible of ways.

Cataclysm has altered everything imagineable though, for the better overall. Even though Sol still soloed those new five levels, he came out of them much better geared and feeling more prepared to attempt the end-game PVE world. Although he isn't quite ready yet, people have already sent him invitations for various groups, and even PvP teams! It would seem that the mindset of groups and guilds has undergone some major changes as well. At least for most people. Many of the jerk-butts are still hanging in there, although somewhat less noticable. Anyway, Sol broke from his old ways. He sold off his personal guild charter and bank, and ended up joining a guild. Now, the guild invite did not come from any of the well-known progression guilds on his server. As though blessed by the old gods and goddesses, the invite came from a guild with a lot of friendly members, and a lot of potential for growth.
I feel that as time goes by, this will turn out to be one of Sol's better choices that he's made over the years. Sol is happy now. Things are going well atm, and that is why he plays the game. To enjoy its' many aspects, to have some fun, and perhaps help make Azeroth a better world along the way.

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