23 May 2011

It's Game Time !

Well, it really got started back up late Saturday afternoon when I was able to finally put a new graphics card in. YEA! Oh what a difference.

I'm the kind of older person who tends to hang on to things, much longer than their usefulness. Heck, my nightly workstation is the first computer I ever owned. Ten plus years running now with a basic 40gb hard drive and 512mb ram. Runs good, serves it purposes well. I have more trouble out of the newer comp with the game on it. It's on it's second power supply, and now, second graphics card. My, my.

I really should have changed it out probably 6 months back when I noticed some slight over-heating coming on, but I just had to squeeze out the most I could get. With the new card now, it's like a whole new game. The graphics are pure awesomesauce, and gone are the days of 10-20 fps. Running big time now with an average of 60 fps. On the opening trial run I popped flight form and went so fast that I kept running into the buildings and all. Even the usual Stormwind lag seems to have gone off into the nether. Anyway, one very happy camper to be playing again.

(I just might go ahead and splurge on some more ram next month)

So my weekend turned out for the better. I certainly hope yours was good for you as well. Till the next time, happy gaming!

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