18 May 2011

Psyche !

KaBlam, KaBoom, and all that. Well, I'm going to be out of game for at least a few days now, bummercity. The graphics card decided that this was a good time to bite the dust and went out with a smokin, melting and rather smelly display of, "Ha! Gotcha." A rather in-opportune time, but salvageable.

The hunter, Khrox, recently dinged lvl 77 and has begun the argent tourney grind. Remembering Sol's days with the argent, I'm really not looking forward to doing all this again. It's a rather lengthy grind with a handful of dailys to work with and a half dozen faction reps to raise to exalted. Pretty much required, but time-consuming and not all that much fun really. So....repetitive. Oh well, at least I'll know where he's at every morning.

Kiamara (the frost/fire mage), finally found herself at lvl 71. She's been dragging her feet a bit concentrating on her professions, but her need for frostweave cloth and infinite dust, (both of which she needs infinite amounts of), have got her questing again. Both Sol, Khrox and a guildmate send her cloth and DE fodder. It just never seems to last long and she always needs more. Fortunately, frostweave bags are going for quite a bit on the AH for now, (over 200g), so maybe she'll come out a bit ahead in her pocketbook.

This time out of game though will provide an opportunity for me to re-evaluate several coarses of action that need attention. Both Khrox and Kai have been very lax in doing BG;s and dungeons. In fact, BG's have been non-existant for them. Sol's experience with both weren't all that great, except for Wintergrasp during those times when boomkins dealt out tons of damage. But this should'nt really be a reason to hold back on the hunter and mage. Barring any future nerf patches, both are fairing much better than Sol did at those levels and should be well into the bg's and dungeons. So, a bit of third party reading/research is in order and the time is obviously available. I'll just have to break out the ol' notebook again and get serious. :s

So, I'm off to visit a few really good blogs I know of to gather some info for Khrox and Kai. I'll leave you now with a bit of eye candy till next we meet. Remember to have FUN in game! ~Sol

Got a little Vrykul in you Sol?

Sol's going green

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