08 January 2012

Aygaren's Letter

Aygaren writes to me of his adventures, at least once in awhile.

"I was doing this kinda long mercenary thing in Felwood the other day, inside some barrow den the cenerion folks wanted recovered from some baddies. A rather long and drawn out venture deep into the earth. Having just finished off the baddie on their hit list, their voices spoke to me in my head. Obviously, they had more in mind for me to do than they first let on to know.

Sure enough, they had a second, albeit slightly bigger baddie they wished to be removed. So I started the trek deeper into this barrow just knowing within, that there was surely more to come. Of coarse, there's plenty of guards and watchers along the way, but so far no big problems.

Then from around the corner, running up out of this den comes some puny Alliance human paladin. He's not on my current hit list, so I simply go around him and continue smacking down any and all that get in the way. Some days, the blood just has to fly every-which-way...this was one of those days. Shield flying about, mace beating heads in. Yes, it's a good day.

Then I caught sudden sight of someone following me, but holding back a ways. Turned out to be that puny human I saw running out earlier. Taking time for a quick snack and drink, I pondered the possible reasons for his behaviour. He's not showing any signs of possible aggression, so I decided to just sorta move on while keeping one eye behind me. Being a Paladin himself, I was thinking he'd at least show some sign of respect. Nothing. Just quietly following me, watching as I dismissed one after another with ease.

The second so-called big baddie went down rather easily. As expected, that voice announced it's arrival right on cue, with yet another request to rid the world of these evil creatures. This continued on through a fourth bossy type baddie before the end was in sight. All the while, the humie followed in silence. After the third guy went down, I actually tried to communicate with said humie. Gave him one right and proper salute I did. Nothing. No response. Just waited for me to move on to the next. Apparently, he had been here before. Which made me wonder all that much more about his actions.

The fifth and surely the last baddie kinda caught my tracking skills off a beat. I thought he was down in a pit of sorts so off I went. Turned out, I had to back track a bit after some minor dismissals and head up and around on a ramp to reach him. I really should have noticed this, but it didn't quite register. When I had started down, I recall seeing the humie head up. He had quickly joined back with me though, so I just though he was the one lost. Oops.

I got up the ramp to a bridge, where said baddie was on the other side waiting. Big. I mean really BIG. Time for another quick snack and drink while I ponder my attack plans. The humie waits. I let him wait. After all, I can charge in there just so many ways and it would be nice to know a little bit about the area he seems to have kinda all to himself.

*Sigh* Last one, get it done. Up I jump and start across the bridge. The humie is somewhat faster with his puny build, he's over the middle several steps ahead of me and opens fire. He takes a hit, it don't look good at all. Earthmother, give me strength. I jump on this big baddie. I knew I could take him down and down he went rather quickly.

Humie got the kill. Humie then quickly jumped into the portal provided by said employers of this merry jaunt. Not a word or sign from him, no farewell or thanks for saving his puny backside. Left me standing there, waiting to see if this monster might muster a second life. Perhaps I'll be lucky and he was just unconsious for a bit. Hmmm, I sorta needed that pay off for going through all this.

As luck would have it, said monster suddenly rose to life once more and the battle was on. Hurummmph! Me, Aygaren the victor! Then it dawned on me. Said humie had already tried this and failed. The only logical reason he would have had for following me all the way back through this dark place when he was so close to the front door. I walked through the portal, collected my payments and set off for a quiet rest in Org. During the trip, I vowed to self if I ever see that humie again in Felwood, I will irritate every mob within reach and let them feast on him. Surely, Earthmother will understand." ~Aygaren

Hope you enjoyed Aygaren's adventure in Felwood.


  1. Earthmother would definitely understand and applaud Aygaren's actions. That is no way for a paladin to behave, human or not. May your paths cross again!

    I am so happy your final monster respawned quickly. I know that barrow well and the thought of having to come back for the final bad guy, awful.

  2. Hi Ancient! lol, these things happen. Aygaren didn't even get angry over it. Just sat back and plotted his possible revenge :) And that is a particulary long and deep barrow as they go. I had forgotton about it being that way.