30 May 2010

Fishing and the Dreaded Horde

There is a state of constant world pvp with the Horde on my server. No matter what you're doing, you must always be ready for a fight. I managed to go through 75 levels getting ganked and corpse-camped at least twice each playing day, sometimes as much as four times. Consequently, I've learned how to always be on guard, knowing what to watch and listen for. (like that sudden stealth sound when I'm in the middle of no-where)

Now, my spells and defense are fairly strong. From reading the combat logs after each death, I've gained the knowledge of Horde tactics. There is some minor advantage to this. And of coarse, I'm not the only one that takes time to know their enemy. Horde players know the quickest way to take me out is from max distance behind me. (moonkins must be facing their target) If they come from the front end viewing area, chances are they will be the one to die.

The day started out with the usual routine, picked up my daily cooking and fishing quests in Dal and headed off on my circuit. Choose to do fishing first. The ususal Rivers' Heart Ghost Fish thing. Easy quest, although Rivers Heart is usually a small battleground of sorts. Kind of like the gankfest at Booty Bay fishing tourney, just on a smaller level.

So I fly into the Heart and take a quick survey on the number of Horde present. Only three today, and close enough in area to each other that I can easily see all of them from the opposite bank. They seem calm enough. None approached or suddenly moved with my presence, so it appears that their interest is just completeing the daily also.

I set myself up on the opposite bank anyway, mostly to keep an eye on them. Made sure I was buffed, switched out weapon for fishing pole and lure. Still in caster form at this point. Started to make that first cast when off to my right side I catch glimpse of a horde chargeing me. Mistake one; he was in a frontal side view. I quickly target him and begin StarFall, a really nice, plenty of damage AoE that continues to cast while I cast other things. He's on me now. I cast MF, Imp.IS, and root him in place while backing away. Shape-shift moonkin, cast StarFire. All this while StarFall is still up. StarFire pops just as StarFall ends, horde dies, 65 honor points. Not bad for about 13 seconds of battle.

My general routine at this point is to instant cast flight form, and grab a quick vantage point slightly out of range. I also gave a quick look at the original three horde fishing, hmmmm, still there. From my vantage point I see the attacker rez, cast flying mount and leave area. Oh well, guess he did'nt want to try again. I go back to fishing, same three horde still there. Most likely lol-ing their butts off at the one who died. I had to laugh myself. This was the dumbest attact from a horde I've ever seen.

I love fishing.

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