29 May 2010

The general Welcome Post

Aahhhh....that first post which is generally used to welcome people to your blog.  "Welcome to my blog!"

Now that it's out of the way, I can get on with other things.  If you came here for theorycraft advice, numbers and such, they are somewhere out in cyber-space with people who design and understand them. Although I have been known to read and try out the advice given, I am not the expert, so I'll not be advising you on how to play the game or character.

Most of this blog will pretty much just be me going on about or going off about my experiences in that realm called World of Warcraft. You may find some of them interesting, or amusing, or outright insane. That's okay here since I have no real coarse or direction planned. In reality, the only plan for this blog, is no plan.

So, come on in if you wish. You can even add your own two-cents worth of comments if the spirit so moves you. Just don't expect any particularly sane moments from me and you'll probably enjoy a random moment or two.

As one of my fave little repair goblins would say, "Off with ya now!"

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