26 June 2010

Gearing Up

For the past four or five weeks I guess, I've been working on my gear. I entered this phase with all blue items, which had taken me quite some time since I never did dungeons, raids or battle grounds. Now, with working the randoms, some Wintergrasp action and rep quests, I'm about half purple.

I do the random LK norms as I can, the going is slow for me. Up to about 41 Triumphs now, and 4 Frost from dungeon quest rewards. The minimum Triumphs I need for a helm is 50. So as when I was working on going from greens to blues, I also looked at other options for obtaining the gear upgrades desired. This meant watching the AH daily, checking quartermasters for rep pieces, and going into Wintergrasp.

Battlegrounds are not my favorite choice, I had stopped doing then around level 35 or so as they had become really impossible with all the twinks at the time. WG was a big "jump in with both feet" for me, and what an experience it has been so far. I die . . . a lot. Ten or twelve times each battle. The strange part though, that with what I have learned about my abilities, dps and rotation, I tend to do an awful lot of damage to the enemy. So much so that now my recount shows me in the top three consistantly with damage done. I think the Horde have noticed this also. Whenever I show up and start letting loose, it don't take but a minute or so for 5-8 of them to jump on me. Being a ranged dps, I'm usually back out away from the crowds, but a sizeable group always comes for me. Never fails.

All this damage has earned me quite a large amount of honor points though. And with these hp's, I've been able to get some better gear rather quickly. PvP gear, but none-the-less, much better than what I had on. Now, any experienced player looking at my armory will easily see that I've mixed and matched PvP and PvE gear. I know the purists would frown upon this, but to me it is a viable option on the road towards my gear goal. Even my gear score is climbing steadily now, as with my stam and mana pool. I like this. So much better each week. Just today, I was able to add an 264 ilevel neck piece with hp's. And a good one I think, even PvE compatable.

Even though my focus overall is for PvE, exploring all the options have made this late end-game challenge easier to accomplish. So if you're somewhat like me and either just starting to gear up or getting a late start, perhaps an open-minded approach will work well for you also. I am saving my emblems to get at least a 2-pc set bonus even though it will be T9, and will keep using the PvP gear untill I come into things I prefer to have.
"Off with ya now!"

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