07 July 2010

Game-Jerks: not the usual rant...

So....the other day I'm in WG working on taking control of a workshop, and get sapped by a rouge who proceeds to chop me up as best he can. I hit my trinket which is supposed to remove all impairing effects, start to move away, sap again. I shapeshift, same process starts over again. This is one of the difficult areas for me in PvP, being able to defend myself against stuns, silence, polymorphs and such. I'm not very good at it just yet, but working on it.

While this rouge is working on me another ally shows up and takes him out, much to my relief. I whisper the player a 'thank you'. Several minutes later he whispers back, "You could have killed him with two shots." Hmmmm? Yes, I know much better players than myself most likely could have, I've seen it done. So I whisper back that I'm working on getting better, which is met with cold silence.

Battle ends. My recount shows me at the top of everyone who was in and out of my assigned raid group in so far as damage done. This is okay, if not in the top slot here, I am always within the top three. I do a lot of damage. Ususally somewhere between 600-800k against the enemy. This is encouraging for me since it shows I have the potential output of high damage, if not always high dps.

Remembering the conversation over the 'could have in two shots', I head back to Dal intent on finding out what to do in those stun-silence situations that I could be doing better at. Down to the sewers I go where lots of people are always dueling. I wait for some allys to show up and start with the hello's/can I ask you for some tips. I go through the usual amount of no answers to the array of jerk-butt answers until I find someone willing to spend a couple of minutes being helpful.

In relationship to this-I read a forum thread a while back where the poster asked (although I'm sure was already convinced of), if all end-game raiders were sexists and jerks. IDK about the sexist part (being male...poster was obviously female), but I would have to be agreeable that the majority of end-game raiders on my server do come off as jerks with anyone not as good as they are. It would seem as though they expect everyone at level 80 to already know all there is to know about their character, and the game. Therefore, lesser geared/experienced players are subjected to total dis-respect, an array of F-bombing every third word or so, and all kinds of insults.

Uhh...excuse me Mr. Jerk-Butt, but somewhere along the line I am sure you started out in the same situation. Decked out in blues, not purples. Did not know everything about all the fights or how to deal with every encounter. You did not have comprehension about gs, theory-crafting, where to go to learn about getting better, much less knowing some friendly people to at least point you in the right direction. Not everyone is the BIG WOW gamer that you are now, and in your beginning, neither were You! No, you are not required to be helpful to other players, that is your choice. But neither does your 5.4gs, epic gear, end-game raider status of Kingslayer, entitle you to be a total Jerk-Butt towards other players still learning.

Yes, there are Newb's...and NooB's in the game. The difference being that Newb's actually try to be better and are more than willing to hear tips or advice from more experienced players along the way. Since you already know so much about everything, why not learn a little bit about common decency and respect? Are YOU geared up enough for that?


  1. I also find it ironic how it is usually the players who complain the most about people making mistakes that are the least willing to lend a helping hand.

  2. /\ So very true, sad, but true.