08 July 2010

Odds and Ends:

I took a bit of a break the past two days. Skipped doing the RDF and settled for just a few dailys and two WG suicide gatherings. That's about all WG is on my server for alliance, some kind of perverted death wish. Maybe twice a week we may win, maybe. So badly out-numbered and out-skilled, even the tenacity isn't of any help. It would seem to me that alliance on this server falls mostly into two catagories; either hard-core raiders or very causal. Not much for 'middle-of-the-road' players. The Horde come prepared to my viewpoint. Usually several raid groups working together with actual stratagy. It does make a difference. I am getting better in there though, over 900k damage done now. Some of the tips I picked up earlier in the week are helping out.

Just like several million other players, I've been watching all the comotion over Blizzards' decision to make their community forum posters use RealID. I think in all my game time I've only posted there twice, so there really is no affect for myself. Just weeding through all the trash talk and trolls to find what you are looking for is enough to turn you away. I also think if it was just the trolls they were looking to quell, they would have not gone to such an extreme. It's kind of like a big brother government move they're making: ~The pinky finger is broken, so let's cut the arm off at the shoulder~ The final outcome will be interesting to watch as well. I suspect there will be quite a backlash, perhaps with some legal actions as well. We shall see.

PvP/PvE gear...
The PvP gear I've used to help gear up untill better PvE stuff is available to me, I've decided to keep instead of vendor off as I change it out. Somewhere along the line I remember reading about players keeping two seperate sets of gear between the two and it seems like a good thing to do. I can make adjustments as I go along to each set and probably come out all the better for it.

That's about it for now. I'll have to get back into the RDF soon, still need plenty of emblems. I think my gear is good enough now to perhaps try some heroic modes and maybe a 10-man. That should prove very interesting to say the least!

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