09 July 2010

Remembering Evol

With all the uproar and public opinions swirling about lately over Blizz's RealID plan, I found myself thinking of Evol this early morn.

For those who may not know, Evol was one of the main contributors at the community 'GRF' forums. His extensive knowledge of the game and guild aspects live on (so far), as an invaluable resourse for many. Shortly before Blizz's bombshell went off, Evol had chosen to retire, move on to greener pastures so to speak. Although his choice was met with support from many, it was also met with sadness.

Much is being said about many of the other inspirational and helpful posters in the community forums. Some have already announced that they will be leaving. These things and more posts about certain forum 'deaths' leave one to wonder about the nature of the overall outcome RealID will have for the community as a whole. Finding helpful players isn't as easy as one would think it should be, and the best options are actually outside of the game and Blizz community. Perhaps this is one of the lesser known reasons Blizz has in mind for bringing a facebook type setting to their forums. And of coarse, we all know that marketing and revenue play their parts.

Aside from all that though, it would seem that the greater part of the warcraft community is not very receptive of RealID. It would also seem that Blizzard (battle.net) is moving ahead in spite of all the community concerns. Just what will become of the "Evols"? Will the warcraft community forums suffer more loss than gain? Perhaps so. Some already speak of the possible death amidst the realm forum threads.

It would seem though that the greatest effect will perhaps fall upon new players in general. Those who are not familure with all the outside resources available to answer their questions about talents, gear, rotations and such. Unless they have a particular liking for the 'facebook' style platform, what level of player knowledge will they end up with since there appears to be a sizeable retreat from Blizzards forums?

As with all things, time will tell its' truths. In the meantime, the battle outside of the game rages on. For those who may be interested in curtailing some of the RealID aspects already in-game, I came across this helpful post...(outside source)


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