11 July 2010

Dueling...with the Horde?

Duels are one of the other areas I avoided during leveling, much to my regret now, but history none-the-less.

Today I learned something new down in the sewers of Dal. The horde players can challenge an ally to a duel, and vice-versa. This came about when the familar, but usually declined flag, popped up on me while I was passing through for the fishing daily. Since I'm on this mission to make my character abilities much better, I spun around and found the challenger. Turned out to be a horde DK something or other class. This would be my second duel ever, and I expected to lose, but accepted the challenge anyway. Live and learn, my new motto, or die and learn. Whichever the case may be.

Of coarse, it took this DK about a minute to defeat me although this was no real loss in my mind. I did the duel for the experience and practice in learning. I tried out some of the escape moves I learned last week. They helped...not much...but they did work. I just need to refine the techniques, and work on the counter moves. And so, looking into the crystal ball I can see me spendng more time in the sewers now, for more than just fishing. *still haven't caught that pet sewer rat!*

I also found out this week that I may be able to take advantage of some extra gold income, other than the AH postings I make with the raw gems I transmute and fish feasts I can make. Mostly, I just make things I use for myself. I don't usually bother with the trade chat on my server, it's worse than the sewer rats. But on rare moments, something good will pass through. This past week I answered two 'looking for' requests, both in relation to my alchemy skills. First, I transmuted some ore into Titanium Bars, and a day later I prepared some Wild Magic potions for a raiding guild. Both were kind enough to leave a tip which is appreciated.

A small moment of difficulty with the potions requester though, and I think only because she was extremely cautious from the beginning, This is understandable to me though as I've heard of people getting ripped this way. She thought I held out of some left over mats she gave me, although I didn't. In fact, I had used some of my own mats unknowingly. The 'create all' does not differentiate between bags when using the mats. Since the request was for 200 potions, and me being a potion master, the creations occasionally popped 2 in the making instead of just one. Then near the end, it procced a 5. Now, these are not freebies so to speak, just a time saver. It still uses available mats for the procs. Which is why there were no mats left over. I assured her I wasn't holding out, had no need to do such a thing, and even gave her the extra procced potions. This seemed to sooth things over, but I still had my doubts. Afterwards, I decided it best if perhaps I just build a back-up supply of certain potions and flasks for just such a moment, things I know raiding guilds look for. This will probably avert any future mis-understandings.

I am in and out of Dal quite regulary, so if you need some potions or flasks, grab the mats and look me up. I usually take several short breaks from dailys and stuff just to see what's going on in Dal. (or spend a little more time farming that darned sewer rat!) Then again, I might just be down in the sewers, living or near death. :)

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