13 July 2010

Alliance-Horde Ratios...

I'm sure that by now, most readers know I play on the US-Spinebreaker PVP realm server. Amidst this particular community, there is a noteable sense of thoughts that this server is for the most part either dead or near death, in so far as a community is concerned. It is also known that at this point in time, the server has a rather Horde heavy population. It didn't always used to be this way and we can attribute much of the cause to the onslaught of server transfers and faction changes implemented by Blizz. Another line of growing thought is that this server will perhaps undergo another shift in faction ratios once Cataclysm is out. Many think that it will become more population balanced. We shall see when the time comes.

Being an Ally on Spinebreaker, I can personally attest to the realities of a horde heavy server. The exact ratios I believe though, are not really known. The experiences of many players live in-game place the ratio somewhere between 1:4 and 1:16, depending upon time of day and locations. Example being, WG would lend itself towards the latter mentioned ratio during my regular play time. Quite often, I myself have thought about server transfer, but then again I do enjoy the good challenge of playing the 'underdog'.

Any way, all these thoughts lead me to looking for actual stats on faction ratios across US servers. One website name came up more often than others in this area:  Warcraft Realms. I should make a DISCLAIMER note here though: even this website clearly states that it needs much more information from players in game, that many stats are out-dated and need revision. With that said, I did learn a few things worth mentioning.

My search was on US servers only: The greater majority of servers were horde heavy. Of these servers, all were PVP servers. The ratios ranged from 1:1.3--to--1:13.8. (my sympathy to Mal'ganis allys) Only one PVP server had an opposing ratio of 2.5:1. (Darrowmere, if interested) Just as I noticed that the PVP servers were mostly horde sided, it was the opposite truth for the PVE and RP servers, whereas the imbalance favored Alliance, as much as 3.5:1.

All this was an interesting little FYI journey for me, nothing more. My main managed to journey through 80 levels on Spinebreaker, and I still have 3 (down from 8) playable alts I'm nurturing along.(not counting the bank/ah alt) My 'kids', I call them. For better or worse, Spinebreaker is "home", and I take pride in my toons there.

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