16 July 2010

Darnassus: My Home

Darnassus is where I began this long strange journey, and to this day it remains my favorite 'home city'. I kept my hearthstone there, around the first 50 levels or so, before moving for sheer convience to Dalaran (by way of Stormwind and Shattrath). I've also held somethng of a grudge against Blizz for abandoning Darnassus. It is a capitol city, no less than SW or Ironforge, and even greater in my mind. It's history and lore are nothing less than awe-inspireing.

One can imagine my excitement when I began hearing news about the new worgen district coming to Darnassus! Finally, Blizz's forgotton capitol, my home, will once again become populated. And with the new leveling zones in the works for the main land, perhaps Darnassus will regain the status it so richly deserves.

I still come back to Darnassus quite often, 2-3 times a week. It's refreshing, peaceful, and inspirational to the Night Elf spirit. I make rounds between the city and Shadowglen, buffing up the young new night elves, or adding a little assist from the distance in a quiet way. One can only hope though, that Deathwing and the malestrom didn't quite reach in past the flight master and dock area. (we needed a better harbor area anyway) For the most part, I would love to see the great forests and mountains left un-touched.

Okay, here it is, my official shout-out to Night Elves world-wide. Make time to bring yourselves home, to your right-ful birthplace. Let's start showing Blizz we care about our capitol city and surrounding homeland. Bring your friends! It's a great place for guild meetings as well. Lots of quiet open lands, lakes and forests. Who knows, you just might even remember why you became a Night Elf.

you can find a little extra 'old world' reading here: 
Seven Wonders of Azeroth 
See you in Darnassus! ~Sol

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