17 July 2010

RDF tool freaks out!

The whole incident is most likely due to my own lack of knowledge in some way, but it was a freaky trip none the less.

Doing my rdf norm yesterday, a run through Halls of Reflection. The usual group oddities present, one wipe on the escape part, and the wait for a new dps member to fill in for the drop-out. I hate wipes in here, I can never easily find my way back into the instance. Long story short, we finish the run and the respectful "ty all's" said. The group leader and healer decide we should go ahead and do a herioc mode, fine with me since I need the experience.

The ususal pop-ups start; accept que, confirm role, etc. I click away on them. Someone cancels role-check. The process starts over. More clicks, accept-confirm. I go through this a third time wondering what the heck is going on. Finally, ENTER DUNGEON!. Click! Ugly little note pops up: "You are not que'd for this instance, you will be ported to the nearest graveyard in 3..2... Next thing I know, I'm in my inn at Dal. Now it's WTF time! I'm still showing as in the group/party, and can't go anywhere. I give up, not my normal response, but I give up and leave party. Mortifying-mortal attack!! Thirty minutes of DUNGEON DESERTER! I am shocked, even furious at this turn of events. What went wrong, and where, eludes me. Perhaps a lack of communication, idk. Time to kick back and forget about it, move on to the daily gold giving quests. Especially since the day before I pampered myself with the purchase of an armoured bear, 600 gold worth of bear mount.

Oh well, today is another day and I'll be back to collecting the emblems I need. Yesterday is gone now, and the fancy bear will carry me into another battle

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