28 July 2010

Caution...more farming ahead!

Routines, creature of habit, welcome to my world? Actually, irl and game I am somewhat of a creature of habit. I think perhaps that endgame has a way of promoting this although I would not rule out the possibility of its' beginning existance being created at the lower levels. After all, most of us start these habits early on simply out of need to farm mats for our chosen professions. From there we progress into the need for gold...and more gold. Class trainers, riding trainers, profession trainers, everybody wants their share of your gold, and then some. (6k gold for swift flight comes to mind, that was a trip!)

I've never really had that much gold on hand, except when that 6k was needed. Now, that I'm down to the last few gear changes I'll be making, I've found that my best route is to include 2 crafted pieces. This is going to be rather a pricey choice for me as both will require obtaining primordial saronite mats. Which, on my server, the average AH rate is 800 gold, each. The alternative coarse, ICC instances, just aren't as feasible for me.

The journey to obtain all these expensive mats really won't be that difficult. It's just a matter of adjusting my routine. Raising the amount of dailys done for gold to its' max 25 per day, increasing my personal farming to include extra for the AH, and bumping up sales of my alchemy profession. In the past two days of play, Sol has added nearly 600 gold to his pocket just getting this new routine started. A bit more effort and time should produce the desired result over the next month. The creature of routine will simply have to make the adjustment.

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