24 July 2010

Sol's Kids

Perhaps no different than any other player, I have several alts which I call my 'kids'. The last couple of months though their journey into coming of age has been sporadic at best. And just like many others, I've been mostly getting Sol ready for Cata.

Sol has cared for his kids all along, (which cost quite a bit of gold), and at one time there were nine of them. With the coming of Cata though, several were released into the nether-world with only three making the cut, plus a spare bank/AH alt kid. Over the whole of time Sol has attemped to raise at least one of every alliance class and I think the survivals were mostly a choice of agreeable playstyle. Ranged spellcasters, with minor exception for the enhancement shaman who mixes ranged and melee, (that duo-weilding in your face attitude of his). The other reason for letting some of the kids go of coarse, is to welcome the incoming Worgens. I'll have to adopt both a male and female for sure, and no doubt they'll also grow into the realm of ranged casters.

Now then, Sol did adopt by round-about way on another server, a blood-elf. This was quite some time back coinciding with thoughts of learning the horde side of play style. Perhaps it was just too early of a time to attempt this, it suffered and failed completely. Sol was still into major growth splurts and the house was really full of kids. With the on-slaught of the goblins though, and the house being fairly stable, Sol will most likely look into a good server and adopt one.

The only real questionable part of all this though, is the Cata tree changes Blizz has in store for Sol. I know it's early in the beta yet, but so far Sol has several concerns and the whole mess does not look real promising. Hopefully, Blizz will get it together by release time. Needless to say, the shaman is all hyper-excited, so far. The warlock and mage are still young enough to adapt.
So, meet the kids! They're a hodge-podge group of rebellious characters, although like any other parent I take my pride in them.

The oldest, at 43, is the Draenei Shaman: Bubblegumtwo.

Then came the middle child, Netherone, age 32-Human Warlock.
 Last but not least, Kaimara at the tender age of 27 she chose to study as a Mage.

And yes, both the lock and mage are wearing the same heirloom robes, while Bubblegumtwo faired a bit better with heirloom chest and shoulders. After all, he is the first-born!

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