22 July 2010

Learn something every day

There are some thngs I've learned over time about using the RDF, for instance, the importance surrounding the time of day. For my own local time, the earlier the better. Between 5am and 9am, most always get a good group of random people. Players who will take a minute or two making sure everyone is on the same page so to speak, and willing to answer any questions about the run. From 9am up till noon, everything becomes real iffy. It's like the whole crowd had a shift change or something. Attitudes and friendliness levels drop fast. After 12 noon...should'nt even bother, it'll be the worst case scenerio's you can imagine.

I took two days off from the game since I've been pushing myself over better gear and things. Today I came back with fresh thoughts and good intentions about doing more with dungeons, getting more accomplished. I started my routine a bit later than usual, and tossed in two WG battles as sort of buffers. My first RDF norm went really quick. I got dropped into one where the group had wiped, and two had left the group. Wasn't much to finish, a small amount of trash and the final boss. Took all of five minutes and out.

I went for a herioc mode next. Now, I've only done one of these before today, they are a bit harder for sure and I'm still a bit hesitant and nervous about them. Anyway, turns out to be Culling of Strathholm. Ok!, I think. I've done this on norm several times and pretty well know the fight. Right? WRONG!

It was late afternoon, three of the group obviously knew each other and talked amidst themselves. No hello's, no nothing. That's ok, I'm just there to dps and nuke, np. What I didn't know was that there was apparently some sort of portal or something which I obviously missed. Followed the group up and the three seemed to disappear. So I mounted and went down the road anyway, I knew the way there. Then I see about halfway there that the three group is already engaged and on the second wave. Now I'm really wondering what I missed. I get there and jump in on the second wave with the rest, got off two shots...and found myself back in Dal. I got group kicked, took a moment to realize this. Hmmmm, never been kicked before. Something new added to the soup. A little bit later I learned that there is something about doing that instance in a certain amount of time and someone gets a drake or something like that. Hmmmm, I don't think I got any points for speed today. More like; Live, Die, learn from mistakes, and get kicked.

Now with all that went on, I'm not even really sure about this port to instance or drake thing. Logic says there must have been one or how did the three get there so quick? Either way, my obvious lack of knowledge cost me this time. I'll just have to make a list of the heroics and see if I can find some vids on them for 5-mans. I do take the time to watch these things, though they are mostly 10's and 25's. Either way though, I still need to learn quite a bit, ok, maybe a lot. The herioc modes will just have to wait a bit longer.

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