30 August 2010

Lil' Buddy abandons me!

So, there I am in the middle of the basin working some dailys for my oracle friends, in particular, killing off a bunch of the puppy people. My little oracle companion decides the heat is too much and abandons me, shouting as he heads for the hills, "that one hurt, I'll be back later!" It's ok lil' buddy, I understand. As I'm standing in the midst of about 30 of those puppy people tossing out AoE's and self-heals as quick as I can. Dang puppies are rezing faster than I can loot and get away. Must have been 50 at my feet when I finally decided to shadowmeld and pop flight (get me out of here) form. I had looted what I could just before that, and what pops up center screen.......

Just what I needed to know since I just got done spending 2900g! *hangs head in disgust Heck, I only today broke 5k gold on hand, once again. At least my little companion finally showed up, after the battle. I think he was the smart one.

* * * * *

Thought I'd toss in a recent SS of self today, been some time since I did this and much of the armor has changed since last time. Finally broke that 5k gs point, and not looking too shabby at that. And I actually did remember to add the extra belt buckle and gem!
Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
"Keep yer feet on the ground"-area flight master

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