02 September 2010

Soloing Instances

Being level capped for the moment, I like back-tracking a bit and going into previous instances solo. Although I usually have some sort of reason to do so, sometimes it's just for the experience and maybe an achievement. Today was one of those days where I had sorta kinda had a plan. Kara. Never been there and wanted to give it a go. I needed a key though, so it was off to Shattrath to run the key fragments quest chain. No problem, could'nt be any worse than most quest lines.

The first two fragments were easy enough to get, even though I had to run a seperate instance to get a key for the instance to get the first fragment. Minor side-track, but easily done. The second fragment was even easier, did'nt have to kill a single thing til I opened the arcane jar. (good stealth kitty) So far...so good. The problem came with the third fragment though. Turns out it was hidden within Tempest Keep, raid group required for entrance. *insert unsavory words of choice here* I solo things. It is a personal accomplishment I look forward to. The last thing I want to do is to attempt getting a group together for one lousy key fragment. I don't need the boss kills, I can live without the achievement, I just want the damn key fragment.

This is where I have strong disagreement with Blizzard's ways. It is my belief that if a level capped player wishes to solo older instances, Blizzard should not stand in their way of doing or attempting to do so, by requiring them to be in a group. Sure, make them run quest lines for keys and such. Or even add some odd quest to the line-up to allow a solo player to enter. These are 'old world' instances, pre-Wrath. I fail to see why a level capped player should be stopped from attempting to solo such instances. Yes, I know that there are ways around this nuisance, but finding someone willing to group long enough just to get you in to solo is next to impossible, at least on my server. Perhaps this is just the price I have to pay for soloing 80 levels with Sol. Perhaps I'll just have to bite the bullet and come into the reality that there are just some things past that I will not be able to experience.

What do you think of this? Should a level capped player be able to enter instances pre-Wrath solo? These are all old content, not really useable at level cap, (unless you pass it on to an alt maybe), so does it really make any difference to require a group?

Oh well, that's my little rant for the week. With Kara out of the picture for now, I'm off to try something else. I really do need to spend some time practicing my off-spec tanking, solo at first of coarse. Wouldn't want to get anybody else killed in the process :) Still need to get back into WG also and build up some sort tanking gear set. Hmmmm...bag space for extra set of gear to carry. /shrugs That's another story for another time.

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