04 December 2010

Final Days

A couple of days back, Sol decided to awaken from his druidic rest. It was finally time to go through the last of the changes necessary and activities necessary for Deathwings' coming. He wanted to get the fastest flying mount possible for use in the now shattered Azeroth. Determined not to let his short-comings deter him, the search/mission was on. The way became clear to him while looking through possible achievement mounts. 50 mounts = 1 Albino Drake. Now, Sol had some 15 mounts already even though he wasn't much of a mount collector. One from each of his exaulted home cities, a couple of early on griffons from Outland, and a few he added just for the sake of spending some gold on himself instead of the kids for a change. So he made the rounds of all his factions' stables and picked up everything they had to offer. After a couple of hours of travel and spending, that magickal letter from Mei Francis appeared, and the Drake mission was successful.

Next came a combination move of sorts. Doing a few argent and Hodir dailys, mixed with some herbing and fishing. This was really one of those relaxing, take his time and gather his thoughts ventures. Even though the new drake was available, Sol took advantage of the taxi services to sift through and organize his bags. Taking some last looks at Northrend from the air, and recalling many of adventures it held for him. There were some disappointments, goals not reached. But there were so many other things to celebrate and be quietly proud of. He was into his second day of dailys and stockpiling the much needed mats. Thoughts of attempting a few more of the hideous dungeon finder tool lurked in his mind as he flew about picking herbs. Hummmm? Where are we? Oh yeah, the Basin. May as well pick up some extra nettlefish. Bypass River's Heart and head out northwest to that other little lake not many people of either faction go to. Quiet area, good for thinking and fishing with no interuptions, short of a few crazy water monsters. And then out of nowhere.....the silence was shattered.

Sol had given up on farming this rare mount several months ago, having spent over a year bounceing around Northrend hunting for her. Now, with only a few days left before moving on, the loot gods finally provided their blessings.

There are still a few things left to do before all the new adventures and challenges hit home next week. Sol took a good look into the mirror and saw his gear for what it was. Far from top end raiding gear, it would have to suffice/endure what lay ahead. And though it wasn't the best, it was a decent mix of what he could aquire. A little pve, a little pvp and crafted for the topping. It'll do, he'll make it work. It has kept him alive all this time. Well, more alive than dead anyway. He may re-spec one more time, fine tuning so-to-speak. A little more re-forging perhaps, along with a final look at gems and enchants. With Cataclysm being so new for everybody, hopefully pugging through the random dungeon finder early on won't be so distasteful. Sol will just have to start straight off from the beginning this time instead of waiting so long. His first few days will be spent somewhat quietly. Building up some rested time, fishing and cooking dailys, and farming. He will fill up his quest log, but wait just a couple of days to start them. Hopefully avoiding the massive onslaught of day one. Of coarse, there is always something that can lay waste to the best laid plans.

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