11 January 2011

Archaeology: Love or Hate?

Sol enjoys doing a lot of different things in-game, after all, that's what it's all about anyway. He's pretty much always trying out something new on any given day, and seems to have developed a spotty love-hate relationship with the early stages of whatever he's trying to do.

The same holds true for the new secondary proffession of Archaeology. Taking on this endeavor when he first entered Cata at level 80, the early grind from skill 1-100 was tedious, to say the least. Lots of travel all over Azeroth, hundreds of red blinking directional pointers, and the occasional got-in-his-way mob. "Time consuming", only scratches the surface of his vocabulary starting out.

Strangely enough, or maybe not, Sol leveled to 85 faster and so much easier than bringing up his Archaeology skill level. This past week saw him digging through his first Northrend sites. Then it happened to break loose, finally. His first Cata zone site in Hyjal showed up! You can bet your favorite snack food on the fact that he's watching intently for that chance to dig through Uldum. He really didn't do much in Northrend. Two visits, three solves, one of which was rare and pushed him over the 450 mark. Now he's getting somewhere.

The reason Sol even took up archaeology in the first place was because of another "A" profession, alchemy. The lure of obtaining the highly sought after Vial of the Sands spell is so embedded in his blood stream, he just can't do without it.

Over-all though, archaeology has mellowed out for him, becoming an end of the game play day as sort of a wind-down time. The bits of lore behind each find are quite interesting, as are the various achievements that pop up along the way. Therein also lies the other little goodies he now possesses. Well, at least as much as virtual possession goes. So far, he has claimed the fossilized hatchling, the wonderful Kaldorei Wind Chimes, and the first rare armor gear piece, Headdress of the First Shaman. Okay, it's Mail gear and Sol uses leather. Although, the head piece is Bind to Account! So if his shaman alt ever makes it to level 70, he can probably use it. And yes, the head-dress is level specific.

Perhaps needless to say, Sol does carry "The Explorer" title, so it is not a far stretch of mind to know that archaeology would finally settle into it's place for him. Just as fishing did, herbing, and even cooking. Besides, there is a list of other rares he could spend time collecting. By the time he's done all that, I'm quite sure another "ooooh shiney!" will come along.

In retrospect, Sol started this profession with one specific goal/item in mind, the sandstone drake. It will turn out to be much more involved than that as most things for him do, but the drake was the hook that caught him.

Curiously wondering: Have you ever taken up a profession, primary or secondary, just because one single aspect was the bait worth taking? What was it that drew you into leveling/grinding out that profession?

Well, happy hunting everyone! Wheather you're fishing, mining, digging through ruins or treasure hunting; may you find what you seek.

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