07 January 2011

Blog Direction?

The other day I had the opportunity to exchange emails with a well-known and respected druid blogger. During this brief exchange, he asked what Moonkin Journeys was, if it was a blog. My reply was rather simple for obvious reasons. Along the lines of, yes, it is a druid blog, with no real direction. This is actually a rather accurate description...unfortunately. And so, the subject of todays' post.

I used to write a lot. Vast amounts of articles, essays, stories of old and even occasional poetry. Some of which was published irl. A totally un-expected, life altering occurance came to visit one day and left everything in a state of chaos upon departure. These things happen, one can only deal with the results and move on as best as possible.

Although it has it's various issues now, the desire to write remained embedded somewhere within the jagged wastes. Consequently, with World of Warcraft becoming a daily fixture, the desire to write about it emerged. All well and good one would think, with the exception of not being able to decide upon a direction to travel in. I did (do) have a fair chain of thought as to what/where I did not wish to go with this blog. For example sake; no theory-crafting, no guides (class, spec or otherwise). There are literally hundreds of excellant bloggers out there who are way more qualified than myself, and if you should happen to ask, I'll gladly refer you to some I've found quite useful.

Some of the posts so far have been written from my current mains' perspective of life in a world at war. On-going daily experiences, oddities and talk of "his kids" (alts). And, albeit rarely, I'll write from my own perspective. The difference between the two is kind of murky. After all, some say you need to get into your charactor to be able to play it well, Others say your charactor is an extension of yourself. Both hold their respective truths. For me, the latter thought pattern slightly out-weights the former. So far, we have what appears to be a foundation for a more personal type of warcraft blog, rather than game-play informative. Hmmmm...? [ /cast DeepThought (rank 1) ]

I have what many players know as the "ohhhh, Shiney!" affliction. I do tend to wander off in many different directions during game play. Focus and concentration definitively elude me more often than not anymore. I am also drawn to following quest lines of the story-version type. The lore of it all. Keeping the professons capped out and useable, grinding rep exalts where needed along with some efforts towards various achievement hunting. To make matters more confusing, Blizzard kindly added the new archaeology secondary. Lots of shineys, with lore attached! And it is rather difficult to pass by the always needed herbs that pop up between going from here to there. Not to mention the waterways filled with desireable fish that need cooking. And just for the added flavor in the mix, there is that ever present need for gold.

Now, I don't think most readers are going to have any great interest in the travels and escapades of a lone druid who just bounces from one thing to another, which is understandable and fine. This brings us to one of the other core reasons for this blogs' existance. It is someplace in the twisting nether where I can attempt to keep some sort of record to help me remember things. All those little accomplishments, moments of both pleasure and agony stirred into a journey of unknown destination(s). The joys, the frustrations, the many corpse runs. :) And somewhere in there, that little nagging desire to someday actually become good at being a Druid. It's a long journey, but I have some time to spare.

Blogs are unique little creatures. They kind of just float out there in cyber-space doing their own thing. Sometimes someone comes along on thier journey, stops for a moment to read and perhaps comment, and sometimes not. So in one aspect, that pretty well makes all blogs somewhat of the personal type. Everyone has that choice to read according to their interests. Heck, I myself read so many warcraft blogs that even my reader has difficulty keeping up! It's part of that "Ohhhh--Shiney!" affliction. So if you happen to drop in sometime, and maybe something stikes a simular chord within you...

"Welcome to MJ, I'm so glad we could share a moment or two."

Enjoy the beautiful, firery sunset. It is one of my many favorite "Views from Above."

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